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Do Animals Ascend?
Greetings to you. I, Kuthumi greet you once more. I have been asked, do animals ascend? An interesting subject. Some people regard certain animals as sacred, above themselves. Others regard animals as a financial tool. The animals are tortured, abused, some go insane with the cruelty they endure. Others regard certain animals as a nuisance, something to be shot and killed. Others see animals as simply food and take only what they need.

But then there are those who shower their chosen animal with great love. They feed, nourish, and even spoil this animal, emotionally and lovingly, treating the animal as they would their own child. Quite a contrast of attitudes is it not? Just as there is a human kingdom, so there is an animal kingdom. The animals serve the human kingdom, just as the mineral and vegetation kingdoms do.

There are some animals that enter the food chain for mankind. They come knowing this. You think a bird, a cow, a deer has no consciousness, no feelings? You judge this to be so because they do not communicate as you do, speaking a language. Yet they are able to cry in fright, and in pain. They have flesh, blood, bones, and nerves as you do. They also have a form of intelligence. Whilst this is not at a human level, it does exist. I can assure you they do indeed feel pain – emotionally and physically.

It is time for mankind to change his attitude to the animal kingdom, from one of arrogance to compassion. All serve in the cycles of life, of existence.

Let us look at the animals which come to you as a pet. Often a chosen animal. As there are many species, I will speak of the domestic dog or cat. Many will come into a person’s life to heal on some level. This is often an emotional healing. You will provide food, shelter - a safe haven. In return you receive unconditional love and loyalty. Many of you seek to find these qualities in a human relationship, and cannot. So you give much love and affection to your pet, often the pet is content simply to know they are with you in the same room. Many of you tell your pets your problems, worries, feelings. You may see the animal look at you deeply. In that moment the animal understands your emotions, your feelings.

A dog will often stand, walk to you and if you are sitting, rest it’s head on your leg. This is the equivalent of a human hug. Animals communicate on a different level to humans. Yet they understand more than you realize. The eyes are the doorway to your soul. This is also true of an animal. Those of you who listen to your soul will understand what I am saying. It is often difficult for you to love, to give totally, unconditionally. An animal can. Many domestic dogs do this. They have learnt that their human companion is all that matters. That in that relationship is love, is peace, is trust. They become devoted, loyal.

How many of you experiencing a close relationship with another can say the same? How many can love unconditionally? Think about this a moment. For this means accepting another’s various behavioural patterns, both good and not so good. Can you truly accept? A dog can. And you think them lower than yourself. Sometimes the animal is the teacher. Even when you are angry the dog sits back, to wait until your anger has gone before entering your energy field. It does so without judgement.

There are some dogs and cats that will come to a person because they have shared a previous lifetime with them. That time may have not have been completed and so they return.

Just as two human souls can recognize each other, so can an animal and a human soul recognize each other. You feel an instant recognition, instant awareness of knowing the other soul.

Feeling very comfortable with each other. These animals do incarnate with purpose. A saying of this one – channel – comes to me. “Offer a stray animal a home, and it will repay you with kindness.” And you still say there is no intelligence in an animal? I say to you, think again. Be still, and observe.

So I am asked, does an animal ascend? What do you call ascend? What do you think happens? Just as a human experiences lifetime after lifetime of learning and experiencing, so can a domestic animal. I say domestic for a reason. These ones carry a higher vibration than a wild animal. As their vibration rises and they carry more Light, more love, they also walk a higher path to ascension. For they have served humanity and God, just as you do. You see my friend, you think ascension is in learning, studying. This is human understanding, human expression. Yet ascension cannot be attained until you truly come from your heart, unconditionally, with love, without judgement of another. Not harming another either physically or verbally. Do you see? Do you understand the many levels that exist on the path to ascension?

Often the bonds become very strong between a human and their pet. Both feel this and both respond with love and gentleness. The animal becomes part of the family. Just as you sometimes require universal healing, so does your pet. Cats and dogs are very intuitive, as are horses. They respond strongly to the various energy fields of others. They often absorb negative energies, particularly from their human companions. I do not use your word ‘owner’, as no soul can ‘own’ another, no. The universal healing energy is of great benefit, it clears and heals the animal’s auric field and physical body - just as it does for you. It prolongs life and restores harmony on every level.

Did you know that these domestic animals also reside on a higher dimension when they cross over? That many are able to come through a medium such as this one – channel – to acknowledge the human family they loved so much during their life experience, just as you are able to when you cross. All come with love, negativity of any kind cannot exist on that plane.

As you also raise your vibration and you are able to communicate on higher levels, many are now able to speak with their pet using telethapy. So you see, other levels of communication are open to you.

Be open to all with love

Master Kuthumi

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Very loving post Madelaine :):):) ..completely resonates with me.
.......................much love Sweet Great friend ,M.


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