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December 29, 2009

Divine Mother: You Are Merging With Higher Self

Beloved Lightworkers,

I come this day to speak with you about the need to ground yourselves each day. With all the activities of the season, many of you have neglected this most important aspect of daily existence on the Planet Earth and your connection to Her. Grounding yourselves also helps to keep you in balance and harmony in your energy fields and helps keep you receptive to the higher energies and higher dimensions. If you can feel the flow of energy coming through your feet, then you are fully grounded. It is your connection to the Earth that enables you to be informed about what is happening all around you that may not be apparent or related in your news media.

Those of you who have been experiencing strong energy influxes have found yourselves feeling lethargic with the inability to stay focused on your daily disciplines and this has created a disconnection. All that is required is to daily practice your grounding exercises. This is very necessary, Dear Ones, as the incoming energies will not decrease in intensity but rather will increase. Try to picture your Light body surrounding and encompassing your entire physical body and energy field. See yourselves glowing with a golden white Light, the Light of purity and balance. This golden white Light is the Christ consciousness that is now permeating the entire Planet and will continue to do so in the coming days.

This Light is enabling those who are ready to merge with their Higher Self to begin the process now. Allow this to occur and rest as much as possible and drink always great amounts of water to alleviate the effects of the stronger energy flow that is occurring within you. Your five body system is still purging and purifying all that does not resonate with your Light body and is becoming more and more refined and what is coming is from deeper and deeper parts of yourselves, bringing out your core issues which can make this process seem painful and emotional to you. Know that this process is necessary in order for each of you to move through the cleansing process. Soon you will find yourselves able to receive greater amounts of knowledge and information from the higher realms in the form of guidance in your daily lives.

Open yourselves to this possibility by fully stating your intent to be open to receive guidance from your Higher Self and your teachers and guides. In this way, you allow this assistance to come through you and it will help you tremendously in understanding what is now occurring within your bodies and the amazing transformations that are taking place. This is a process that has never happened before and so your input is very helpful in evaluating what assistance is required to make these changes easier for you. Just voice your symptoms and difficulties and observations and these will serve to alert your Spiritual guides and the required balancing energies can be directed where necessary.

Each of your guides, teachers and angel teams are standing by waiting for your calls. They are ready to come to your assistance. Please call upon them, Dear Ones! Before you know it, the difficulties that you have been experiencing will be dissipated and you will be feeling better. Becoming multi-dimensional Beings in your physical bodies is a very gradual process so that your physical bodies can assimilate and adjust with as much grace and ease as possible. This work continues day and night and each of you is being helped tremendously, even if you can’t remember this in daily awareness.

Set aside a quiet time each day to relax and just be. Give thanks for all the blessings in your life and all the gifts that you are receiving. Feel the joy in each moment and dwell on these often. The way to Ascension is through these attributes, praise, joy and gratitude. The more you can practice this, the closer you come to Source and will receive the downpouring response. Know that you are loved, nurtured and valued in all ways at all times, Beloved Ones.

I AM Divine Mother

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Again, just what I NEEDED to Read. These Messages are PURE LOVE> Thank You, Dear Madeline. Much Love and Light always, Virginia I have much gratitude to BEING ONE with You!


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