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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
Friday, 25 December, 2009 (posted 24 December, 2009)

Welcome my loves. Welcome my dears.
I am she that enters your heart on this day with such a love and deepness of purpose.
I am she that held the babe, the Christ child in swaddling clothes close to my heart and cried, as I knew that he would not live long upon the earth.
I am she who had to explain to the villagers, to Joseph, to my parents – how I was with child and who had delivered the child into my body.

Not much is spoken of the situations I had to endure. The pointed fingers that always looked at me with darkness in their hearts. My own family members did not believe until the very day of the Ascension of Christ. Even my husband Joseph would look at the young boy Jesus and not see the divinity within him. For it was not until my son moved forward fully into his power did he receive the knowledge and the teachings of the Light. He embarked upon a journey similar to that you all have embarked upon. He embraced that journey and he moved into more of his God. He appeared to be as a regular child, as a regular man, as a regular son. From the very moment of his birth, I was shown what was to come. I was shown how it was to come. And so I loved him and held him and taught him as a human child – as any human child. All along I knew about the Divine Presence within him.

The story of the Christmas Star, of the night of his birth is very distorted. For you are well aware that it took many months for anyone to travel any amount of distance in that time and that place. And so the wise men came at one time, one by one. The shepherds came at another time. All that entered onto the place of this child’s body saw it differently – a different time, a different perspective, a different reason. It is not as the nativity is shown in your world. There was great stench within the stables. It was not a place that a king should have been born, but he came into the lowliest of energies to become the vast light he was destined to be.

He did not sit around twiddling his thumbs waiting for a lightning bolt from God. But he walked and he journeyed and he prayed and he cried and he angered throughout his life. He sought what he knew lived within him. He questioned what lived within everyone else. And he became the greatest of men, as well as a Christed being. it was not done in the flick of a light, in the promise of 3 wise men, nor on the bended knee of the shepherds.

There was much stress and distress within our lives, within our hearts, and within Joseph and mine relationship – for always he questioned what had happened. He had it revealed to him in a most glorious way, but still he did not believe. He was a man of greater age than myself, a man of distant heart. It was not a marriage of love. It was a marriage that pre-arranged and pre-ordained, as all where in those days and those times. He was not there for me in my pain, in my sadness, in my angers, and my confusion. He stayed at a distance purposely. Always in the back of his mind was the thought of how was the holy conception possible. He did not believe fully and this caused him great sadness in his life as far as I was concerned. He was a great man of his own merit, but he was not the husband that I would have chosen – for in truth, I did not want a husband at all. I wanted to bear the child my own way but it was forsaken in those days and times. I wanted to take the child to the temple of the Essenes and allow him to grow up in that temple and be taught in the ancient teachings. He spent much time there anyway and eventually, we were separated as he went to school.

I speak of this because I wish to bring clarity to your hearts and to the understanding of what in truth the nativity is because most people are naïve thinking it was as depicted. I speak to you of the humanness of my son because you also are very aware of your humanness and also very aware of your divinity. This is a time in your world when your divinity is closer, to being fully bloomed then it has ever been. Your humanness knows this and fears it. But the divinity of you, the Light of you holds out her hand and says, “Come with me child.” So what I say to you in this time of Christmas is to become as me and embrace the humanness in a format of divinity as I embrace the Christ child as my son, not as the Son of God, --- but as my son!! Always he was my son.

The energy of death is making itself present on your earth as all the old ways of thinking depart, fall away and die. As all the old structures of what was once held as truth pass onto greater pastures. death does not have to come to your physical body and you must decree that. I release the walk of death that I once thought was a necessity. You must reverse the entropy that has entered the cells of your body by believing that you shall and will live forever. Speak to cells as a commander-in-chief, illuminating them with your words, with your hopes, and with your desires to become more. MORE than just spirit without flesh -- to become flesh and spirit -- and spirit and flesh in one.

My son came to tell you that you could do more, far greater deeds than he, that your physical body can and will ascend. And that is what you have forgotten. Usher in the next year with a knowing that my body is coming into light -- and my light is coming into body. And that is what is promised me. And what is promised shall be.

Honor yourself as women, some of you as mothers, some of you as wives, some of you as wives to be. For you hold within you softness, a love, a yearning, and a journey that no others can take. The Holy Family walks within your cells, within your blood, and within your thoughts. And it time you each remembered that. For each one of you as the male enters your life and as a male stays in your life, there is always a part of that male that is similar to my husband Joseph. A part of that male that on some level doubts something very deep and meaningful and truthful that you have spoken. This energy is carried in all females. Do not allow that to bind your feet or to bind your heart. Rise above the pointing of others, the thoughts of others, the words of others, and the indiscretions of others. Females since the beginning have not been believed. They have been seen as a race of deceivers ones with betrayal and betrayed, ones who do not honor. In the next year this will be made very apparent.

Do not lie to yourself in any manor or any form. And do not lie to others. You have lied so often to protect yourself from being hurt, from being seen, from being killed. You have lied about your emotions, your feelings, your loves, and your hates. And now it is time to be truthful and present that truth in a glorious fashion without fear of being walked away from. At this time I, Mother Mary, shall leave. Feel my presence in your heart. Let me walk through you this time. Let me use you. Allow me the luxury of your body, of your thinking, of your words, and of your actions. I go.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan -

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