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I felt it was weird they were not taking me... i know tho this is something already premeditate before she came to Earth... but I dont know if she knows councioussly... She started a month ago just when they stopped with me... they arent the same kinda beings that took me tho... She tells me like twice or three times a day she hears a door bell like "mummy!!, someones at the door go check i heard the doorbell..." i first thought it was just her imagination or that some noice mixed and she thought it was the door... but so many times in the same day is a lil odd and she never did that before, and knowing what happens with me when they are about to visit me sets the alert on... another thing are her dreams... she dreams about me a lot, like if im in some kind of danger and she says some friends and family she never saw before but she calls them her family well like protect her from the bad things happening to all of us... but that she wishes to help us, she doesnt like seeing us get hurt and that kinda stuff, always the same pattern of dreams, thats why i know these beings are different, she sees no danger around when they are with her... 

So i guess she is getting prepared for something... i know shes a warrior, she has no fear, and i always knew she will be ok, no matter what happens, the feeling that she can take it, shes strong...

Her crown chakra is being "updated" i guess she had it sorrounded by protection and a very bright white light, i guess and feel she will start to channel some stuff maybe in dreamtime so ill be hearing very carefully when she tells me about her dreams ans share it with you guys to see what we can get out of this...

Much love to all of you brothers and sisters :) 

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Hmmm is it just me, or are you two having each a very similar experience, you and your families?  Have you noticed the similar patterns, the similar indicators of when things are happening, the similarities in your stories? Some things are happening to you guys, I'm not sure what per se.  But I am noticing a pattern in your posts so far. :)

Seems your visitors started with you two first.  Then it now seems that they are with your children if I'm following this right. Your children are getting signs similar to yours (apparently a classic familiar old sound).  Your children don't seem afraid or as afraid.  And what about  the shared dreams and dream experiences with your kids.  In reading this, it made me ask a few questions. :)

1. Do you think the same entities (or the same species if not the exact same entities) are in contact with both of you?
2. Do you think that these are the same beings that are interacting with your kids in their dreams?
3. Do you see something, or feel something that tells you all this experience is for more than just experiencing the experience itself, that there is a following to this somehow?
4. Do you believe that you, and after your kids, are/were being prepared for that follow up event?
5. Many people talk of being taken since a young age.  Do you believe it is so? do you believe it went even before that, your parents perhaps?

I'm pretty sure you have realized the similarities :).  But well, those are the questions it brought to my mind reading your posts about them. :)




1- I really dont know but I dont think so... I know that Pat has marks on her skin that she relates with the ets and i dont have nothing tho I know they were touching me, no marks, no nothing... 

2- I think that (talking about my own experience here...) the beings interacting with my daughter are not the same interacting with me... I am now realising that there are three kinda beings interacting with my family... One related exclusivly with me, one with my daughter and another trying to set fear into those experiences... 

3- I am absolutelly sure that there is more than just experiencing... they are here now for a reason... I have been asking for them to show since i started with my spiritual path... I never cared the way they wanted to show, i just wanted to know with facts that what i was starting to believe in was true... why now? when i learnt so much about them, when i trust so much more, when there is no need now for them to show me that they exist?... why taking me? why letting me remember what happened? why? whats the reason for all this happening to me right now? Im sure theres something else...

4- I dont understand this question... what you mean by "follow up event"?

5- Oh dear... my parents... they both have great gifts that they both just cant accept... Im sure they have something there in there uncounciouss memory about what im going trough now, they had experienced very cool things... they just cant accept this, they even know that this exists i know by heart they know... but they just cant accept it... they grew in a society were it was wrong to think or do what they wanted... it was wrong to be different... my mom knows by sight when people is about to cross (die)... she sees them like if they are double like two of the same person, one body (physical) and she says "the transparent body", but she never told nobody about that, she also smells flowers when the person already crossed; my father sees people that are still in this plane but that they cant cross, they both dont accept their gifts... Im the first one in the family that has no fear to talk about my experiences with my family... they even make jokes about me, i dont care, cause i see their faces when im talking and they know its true, but they cant accept it... maybe they had a bad experience and they just couldnt deal with what was given to them... and with me happened different... my sister has the gift of clairaudience wich is hearing voices of people that there arent in the physical world... she also cant accept it, she went to psychologists, she thought it was a phychological problem, she wanted to even be medicated for that... nothing worked... they cant accept it... My grandmother (dads mom) told me she had an encounter with aliens, she was going to this reunion outside the city were people said that it was very important for people to go cause there was going to be shown the Truth about extraterrestrial life (yes, insane... but true) it was back in 1982 or so... anyways, she was going to that house, were the conference was, and she saw two men walking to her by the road they asked her if she was going to the conference, she said yes, they said to her they needed to give her a message to all the people there, that they were not going to show before them cause they were still not ready to see them, when my grandmother enters to the house where the conference was taking place, she saw people talking, laughing, eating, with no interest on what was going to happen there wich was a very important thing... she realised they were right, the channeler that was leading the conference said everyone to make silence that someone in the room had a message for them (he never talked to my grandmother) and my grandmother said what these two men told her by the road on her way to the conference... cool uh? so yes I am sure that my family is not the normal family... but they try their best lmao I am the only one that never cared looking like a freak show... I followed what i believed in... 

By follow up I mean do you guys believe or feel somehow, that what has and is happening now, is the first step to something else on the way?  Perhaps a task, perhaps a test, perhaps a mission yet to be told.  Maybe a simple next step in growth that needed this to happen. A reason for this to exist to day for you two.  A goal to be reached.  What if what you guys are living now is a precursor to something else that shall also need to happen in the future?


"Before, our spirits were made of flesh..." This is what my daughter told me just now... she was watching a show on Discouvery Channel with me about whales, one of them got launched in the beach, so it died... yeah sad, i know... after watching that she asked me: Why do everybody die mom? why do we die?- I answered: Cause our bodies are not made to last forever... only our spirits do live forever..., then she tells me: "No mom, our spirits were made of flesh before", while she like pinched her arm... I asked her where did she got that from and she answers that she just knew that... I know what she tried to explain to me, the weird thing is how does she remembers about that??? she remembers how it was before coming here! I was like ooooookey baby... weird uh??
And theres another funny "coincidence" I have with Pat... We discouvered very reciently that my grandmothers grandmother was a Borgia... they changed their last name when they came to Argentina to Rodriguez... my uncle and cousins now live in Spain and after researching for almost 3 years they discouvered this... so The Borgias and the Mapuches and Mocovies... The bad blood and the good blood lol what a mix!
You don't like the term Angel, I know Antonela. But perhaps your daughter is picking up divine energies visiting you all at home. That's nice.
Its not that i dont loke it its just that i dont know with what to relate it to :) i know that what my daughter is picking is all good :)


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