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Ok Im gonna start writing here about the dreams Im having lately, I think they actually mean something and I wanna share them with you guys to see if we can discuss about the meanings...

Im gonna start with last night... Something weird started to happen to my pc while i was talking to ME and all of the sudden the monitor went off... I said to myself to stay calmed and relaxed, protected the house and my family and i expanded it to all the block (just in case) i knew something was happening but after protecting the house i calmed down... cause i knew nothing will happend to my family that way, I felt that something was waiting for me astraly tho... what a surprise they had for me... 

Ok so I went to bed and again protected all my bodies before sleep, i felt an enormous fear guys, i even started to cry, then i gain strength and talked to my guides, they told me to start to have faith in me and my gifts so I trusted and fell asleep...

The dream... I was alone walking on the street it was night time, the place looked like London's streets, with those beautifull beacons and the benches in the park, the sidewalk was wet as if it had rained minutes before... so I get into this field club and my family was there (Javier, Lara and Angelina) i was like oh fuck no... why are they here?? i protected it all!! ...ok, so i left them there and went to the bathroom...

Guys that frecken bathroom was horrible, the dirt was disgusting and the mirror... omg that frecken mirror, when i looked at myself in the mirror the mirror turn my head giving me my own back, like when i moved from side to side the reflection of myself i was watching at my back it was someone else it wasnt my frecken reflection, someone was playing games with me there, so i acted like ok... nothings happening here... so i went to the toilet, stayed there and Javier with my daughters get into the bathroom too i was like "this is not happening..."

A woman suddenly appeared there i knew she wasnt good, she tried to scare Javier... Javier was like laughing at her like he had no fear or didnt know to what kind of a danger he was in... then she tried to scare my daughters so i stepped in... told her to stop, she looked at me and said like she was waiting for me, that i was ready to fight now and like she was gonna enjoy destroying me, she was horrible, and started to talk about this desease, like a virus that was out in the world, where people were gonna die after she started to expand it worldwide, and she like showed me lil babies and people sick... guys it was horrible...

I cant explain the feeling i got afterwards like if something was comming out of my plex, some sort of energy and like i had the need to pushed it out... wow the face of that woman, she was like suprised cause she like stepped back after i trew it out, so i did it again and again and again till she literally blew up, guys, that frecken thing blew up, and i trew up after that... (in the dream, yeah disgusting...)

I woke up at the exact time i had to, just seconds before my alarm clock started to sound...

What do you guys think about this?

I know it means something...

Much Love to all of you, my brothers and sisters... :)


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I dont understand you here Pat :S
Thanks for sharing. Killing a 'demon' in a dream, thats really cool.


(This is for all who reads this)

We all have power in this world and in the dream world. It all how we choose to use it. The power of the mind is limitless. When we give in to fear, we give our power away. That is when these demons get in our head and mis guide us. We know we can do anything in the dream world, but not in fear. We can take back control and kick their demon ass.. So when your there, remember who you are. Not the person in this physical reality soup, but the real you. Begin your training. We are supernatural there and have nothing to fear. There is much we can learn there. We can use our imagination there too. We can use our imagination with visual and feeling to do supernatural things. I have done it because  I was taught how to use supernatural powers  by an angel in a dream not long ago and this is the way he taught me .  So, dreams affect us in ways we dont realize, good or bad, so lets use them for our benefit. You have the power, start practicing using it. The more we do something the better we get at it. One day we will do these things on Earth. We need to make all the mistakes in the dream world so we learn not make any mistakes here. 


 You are a warrior and have done well, Antonela.  Fear not, God and the angels are with you. They  showed you the power and your son showed you the way.

Much love peace and blessings. :)



I had a dream recently where i had to face my demon. Fear. He said he would remain until i learn my lesson. I was in the dream at the time and i could control it. There i was powerful, and had nothing to fear, but here im not in control. Ive been working on it and i feel fears influence growing weaker every day.
Yeah Vaddix, good work. You know you can work on these core experiences while you are awake. The highest magic.
Thats great, Vaddix. The dream world so much to offer. Its a gift and there for us to use and grow. Im glad your on the same page.

New dream, yesterday's night... I was at my house with the family... i went outside and looked up to the sky... there was a rectangular ufo, like trying to not being seen but i noticed it cause clouds made the shape of the rectangular thing... like if it was transparent, clouds ruin the plan lol... i shout like hey theres something weird up here!! and my mom comes out and looks up... all of the sudden the ship went nuts and started to show itself with red and white lights and i went inside my house, my mom stayed out and i saw like if they wanted to lift her somehow so i got scared and shouted something i dont remember what was it but it was another language for sure, cause i dont know what it meant... anyways i guess it meant something for them cause they went away... 

Im starting to dream a lot about them showing themselves or trying to make contact... a lot...


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