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A few years ago I was at a small lecture given by Ola Pettersson, co researcher for the book "The Mayan Calendar".

One of his sentences got stuck on me, he said that "the Cheops pyramid was cursed (way back) and this is an explaination for why there is such violence in the countries near the pyramid". So he means that Cheops spits out negative energies, and has done so for a very long time according to the Mayan.

My emidiate reaction then was, of course, to send healing to cheops to try to make it positive again. I´ve done this twice or so since then. But it keepes coming back to me.

So my thought now is, since a trancemedium channeled to me that I create absolute enormous energies when I´m together with other people, maybe we all should send healing to cheops in order to reverse the curse?

What do you all say?

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yes, yes, yes ..
if it helps im on it ... put up a date and time and lets do it :)
Allritght, I´m back.

How do one get everybody´s attention for something like this? Make it an event? How?
Wow! Now I´ve spoken to two people that have gotten messages and pictures from outside of Earth (while in healingsessions) about this also! One of them saw the pyramid´s top opening up and a blue Light came through. The other one saw the pyramid spit out hourendes amounts of fire, like a vulcano.

I seriously think something is going on here. I´ve asked Brad for advise, but he has not responded to the comment on his page, unfortunatly.

I think it would be good if he sort of confirmed my theory with he allbeing, dont you?
Please use my prayer especially written for this, these words hold great power when read out aloud with LOVE in your heart.

Curse Reversal Prayer's

I as a representative hereby called to duty by those above, now fullfill this request to resolve all harm that was done to the Pyramid known to myself as CHEOPS, and by any other name it may have once been called. My Intention is for LOVE and for the best Intentions of this Sacred Place.

Any harmful human intent, callings, Soul Agreements, having been previously made to any entity
out of selfless greed, or manipulation, that was made by any means or through any portal, ESPECIALLY cheops, star gate, --- to any other dimensional beings in any earth timeline for THE servitude of those low vibration entities for false promises to human and all life on EARTH ---- that were made through the intention of harm, WHICH ARE NOT OF LOVE and PURITY and that was not of the soul agreement of all life affected on earth ---- LET THIS BE TRANSMUTED INTO LIGHT AND POSITIVE HEALING NOW SO THAT IT MAY NOW SERVE ALL LIFE AND NO LONGER HINDER!!!

I hereby call upon assistance from all the Angels to the Highest Vibration Beings of Light and
Love to Transmute the polarity of cheops, into the highest Vibration of THE LOVE HEALING FORCE, so that all energies that once brought harm may now bring healing and restore her human kindred to what they are meant to be. I (YOUR NAME) hereby declare that all those souls effected by harm from all dark energies, thought forms that were manifested through all time - be now restored to their full POSITIVE health in accordance to their most & best well-being for this existence. AND SO IT IS NOW!!!!!

Here is another of my prayers!

focus your intention for transmutation from Negative to Positive good.

Love and Light Chelley


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