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Hi brothers and sisters of the light.

Sister Mariell is going for 2 weeks to the hospital.

Im here to ask you all to send her love n light.
If u can take 1 minute of your life to send her some healing energy im sure she will be happy for it.
A small prayer a mantra a simple tought will help her to be fine again to keep her life rolling.

I'll be in contact with her.

Love n Light to All ...

Tyvm for your support


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Understood erv! Done!
Erv, I am sending her love and healing energies. as you are reading this. and as much as is needed to help the healing. I pray she has a quick recovery and can be back on her feet as quickly as possible.

Automatic writing, not there yet, healing energy, that I can do :).

Take care my friend.

Mariell is always in my heart... My thoughts and prayers are with her...
I am also sending all the love I can .... Get well soon M ..
Sending loving package right away!
She will be in my thoughts dear Erv
Always Brother...Please send her full name and location...We are here to lift each other up Daily for it is Still Today. Thank You for Asking..Ask and You Shall Receive and Believe you Have Received IT.
We Love You Mariell,and wee all know from the "I AM" perspective,You ARE Well Already.T.....but just for good measure here is a little Healing solfeggio medication-ammo.

I am here if you need me my brother...I sent her my best...L & L with you as well... <(-.-)>
Mariell, I just sent you love through Reconnective Healing.

Love and Light to you.


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