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Hi brothers and sisters of the light.
Im here to let you know that my father (Manuel) is with a heart issue and he will visit the Dr. in the 21st Jan.
My intention is to heal him.
Me and my wife will meet him today at 9PM (GMT) and we will make some energetic exchange and prayers with him and my mom.
Im planning a 10 minuts session telling a mantra ( You are Healed Manuel ).

If anyone wish to join us we apreciate your energetic help in this task.

Love Light n Cookies to all..
Many Blessings :)

Manuel Mestre ....

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My thoughts go to Manuel. "Auuuum"
Be well, be healed, be in love and light. Embrace love and HEAL Manuel.
Sending love and healing to him as we speak erv. and will be at least until January 21st. and beyond. he'll be in my thoughts. and let's see what happens till then :).
My thoughts & prayers are with your family during this time...blessed be dear brothers & sisters of light.
You are healed Manuel! I had baked some white macodamian nuts 1 hr are all welcome to have one each! =)
I will send my Healing intent also for Manuel Love and Light to You :o)
Erv, thank you for letting us know. I just sent him some love through Reconnective healing.

Love and Light to you and your family.


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