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How To Stop Putting Things Off And Convert Yourself From Procrastinator Into Productive, Effective Person Who Loves The Thrill Of Getting Things Done.

Are you the person who always puts things off and promises himself to do it later?

Then this technique is for you.

Next time you’ll catch yourself trying to putt important task off, take a piece of paper and answer three simple questions.

1. Where you are?

2. What do you want to do?

3. How you will feel while doing it?

While writing down what do you want to do you will already imagine yourself doing it. And it won’t be very difficult for you to get up and do it.

Let’s say you’ve been putting off organizing your closet. You always find more important tasks to do and it’s never enough time to clean it and put everything in place.

Just sit down, take a piece of paper and begin writing: “It’s Saturday, 3:45pm. I’m sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee. I want to organize my closet. It will only take me about 1 hour and I will feel energetic and satisfied that I finally got it done. My closet will be clean, everything will be sorted and in place…”

Just as you’re writing it you feel the desire to get up and do it. Because you want your closet organized, you want to feel satisfied and you’ve already imagined yourself doing it.

Remember, all you have to do is to answer three questions. Where you are, what do you want to do, and how will you feel while doing it. It’s a very simple technique but it works like a magic! ☺

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Good for you!

Amanda said:
I can use this one:)
In Joy and Enjoy :-)

THANK YOU CHRISTINA...Small steps...follow our PASSION...Living in the now...All those are great tips to achieve any goal...many blessings to you :)

In Joy and Enjoy :-)


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