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One Simple, Yet Powerful, Technique That Drives You Into Actions Every Day And Helps To Overcome Procrastination.

Unfortunately very few recognize the astonishing power of personal success journal. It takes only 10-15 minutes a day to write down your achievements and the tasks you’ve accomplished. But these 15 minutes a day have the power to transform all your life.

Success journal motivates you.

By writing down your achievements you will be able to feel the progress. You will see how by small steps you’re moving closer and closer to your goal.

Success journal eliminates temptation.

It will be easier to resist temptations since you know that you have to write down what you have done tonight.

Success journal simplifies your life.

Things become much simpler when they are written down. A journal makes you more tolerant of life’s distractions.

However you should be aware of three rules of keeping a success journal:

1. Write only what you’ve done.

Don’t write what you still haven’t done and what you have to do tomorrow. List only accomplished tasks and achievements.

2. List even small things.

Everything counts! A phone call, a chapter of a textbook or your decision to pass by the chocolate cheesecake.

3. Make it a daily habit.

Don’t skip days! Even if you’re exhausted make sure you write at least 1-2 sentences in your success journal. Even if the only thing you did was thinking about your goal.

I urge you to take a notebook and start to list all your completed tasks. In 30 days you wouldn’t possibly be able to live without it.

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Wooooouuuu amaze me how many things you want to achieve, as the days pass you are going to feel more secure with the program. it just a matter of practice. i have been doing this goal stuff, since almost 3 years ago i wanted to organize all aspects of my life since it is a good way to be empowered of them. It is important that you stablish a few and concrete goals per year. You can start with 3 main goals or whatever you consider you can manage, but try to avoid the excessive number of tasks since then you cannot focuse very well in the ONE you want to achieve.

Amanda said:
wow, that's cool angel k...never thought of it that way...although about six months ago I started to write my goals...and realized I had many tasks to accomplish with in one certian i made a graph and wrote my big goal #1 then #2 and so forth across the legalities, my car as a personal goal... Anyway I had like 30-40 spaces for check marks to be put...i finally got em all..and now I'm working on a new long term goal sheet...I also had a daily planner that opened up to the week...that to helped me stay focused (as im a huge dreamer) on the reality of my dreams..and the acheviement of slow pragression...big thing im still trying to


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