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There is one question you must answer before you start achieving your goal.

Failure to answer that question will result in lack of motivation and failure to follow the plan.

Take a piece of paper and answer this question in writing:

WHY do you want to achieve your goal?

No, not just because “I want”. There are reasons behind your dreams, usually dozens of them.

And if you realize why you want to reach your goal, you’ll be most likely to follow your plan till the end.

For example, why would you want to lose 15 pounds in 2 months?

To look good

To feel good about yourself To fit in your favorite dress To impress your spouse

List every single reason. Try to imagine all the benefits.

The truth is the longer the list, the stronger your motivation will be.

! Read your reasons first thing in the morning. Even better, frame them and hang them on the wall. It will keep you focused and motivated.

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ha ha not bad the idea...LOL

Amanda said:
Totally love the framing tip...mines going to have to be poster sized lol...pramotion of unconditonal love in an artistic a messed up governed world...yay!!! list goes on.....


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