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Do you need an ego? Why? Can you explain why and do so from your heart? my

The simple fact is our man made ego is keeping us from knowing ourselves...truely. If you can live without your ego, you will begin to see everything in a new light...literally. Did you know that ALL THINGS HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS?....ALL THINGS. Go that again. All things have consciousness and all things vibrate at different levels. When you grasp that whole life will change. In the meantime...most of your life is being lived thru your created Ego...and believe me...your Ego is just fine with that!...In fact as you are reading this your ego is forming an opinion that will protect and defend it.

So...try a full day without your Ego...good luck! Stop back and let me know how it went...

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hhahahaahaaha Good post my friend...You always amazes me ;-)....That`s totally true...for example When you do not clean your are not loving it!....because All objects have consciousness as you have said....Then because of that...The House respond to you becoming you in a negative enviroment...LOL....

......Well there would be a prize for those who can accept your challenge of beating their ego for 1 day....:P


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