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I would like to start a topic on this amazing movie, but also to make a criticism on it.

The movies (Zeitgeist and Addendum) show very clearly most of the problems our world faces today and try to awaken the population to all the manipulation that have been made in the last centuries. They dont mention the word Illuminati, but the operations of this group are very clear and they call the group "corporatocracy".

In the sequence, Zeitgeist Addendum, they suggest that the true source of all of the problems is the monetary system, which I agree 100%, since today money do not correspond to products or services, but to debt.

However, I must add a criticism about the conclusion of the movie on religion. They conclude, for example, that the whole history of Christ and even Jesus himself are just myths, and that Christ didnt even exist, since they found proof that the same story has repetead many times in History before Christ.

Although I agree that many parts of Christian story could in fact be not true, like Mary being a virgin or even the ressurrection in the way it is narrated, I think they were very unfortunate in saying that Jesus himself did not exist. For it is very obvious that the teachings within the gospel could not be just invented by some storyteller. Furthermore, if you read the apocryphal books, like the gospel of Thomas you can clearly see that the teachings within it are so pure, so truthful and full of love that could only come from an ascended being!

What you guys think about it and also about the movie itself?
Is Venus Project a really good solution for earth problems?

If you didn't watch it yet, you are wasting your time! Its almost mandatory for the Lightworkers, as it proves clearly the actions of destruction and manipulation of the Illuminati and propose good solutions for the world. It must not only been seen, but also shared with most of people you can. It will help a lot the fall of the Illuminati.

You can see it at Addendum is the movie sequence. Click on Subtitles to watch the movies subtitled in your language!


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These movies are quite good. What I think is that they mixed up much truth with many manipulations. The whole part about Jesus is ... I think .... their weakest chain that could many of watchers make a little confused. Because the part about money and 9/11 stuff is rather good at side of facts and it looks like authors made some researches. But about religion... hmm ... I have mixed feeling (and not only me I suppose). I agree that religions in our present state cant stay because most of them are based on cotrolling people's minds. But life and teachings of Jesus were the oposite of that! The whole "love revelation" that came with techings of Jesus, aspecially in that time, doesnt look like natural evolution of philosophy of that ages. It looks like big boost of thinking about man, God and love that it really couldnt be done by ordinary men. That had to be some Ascended One.

What about the Venus Project is that they took a very narrow thinking model of society which is based on technology and excludes spitituality. This cant be done and people on this forum know that :D
Hi Ique
I have watched Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum and they have both been invaluable in helping me understand the thruth of whats going on in the world
My feelings in regard to Jesus are that whilst he lived and taught, much of the mythology that surrounds him is false.I think his story has been changed and manipulated by the powers that be in orfer to create a means by which to control the population,

I am unsure about the Venus project.. I dont get good vibes when I hear about it seems to lack something...maybe soul? it seems very sterile, from what I have seen

much love

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