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Your Opinion on an Idea & Continuation of Previous Thread 'Deathbed Witness'

hi everybody!  i'd really appreciate your opinion on an idea i have
regarding a previous thread i started some time ago and have included
below in blue (i know many of you may not remember it and in some cases, may not
even have read it).  i posted the same thread on a couple of other
forums, and like this one, had tremendous response with people
describing their own profound experiences. 

now, here is my idea.  i am also a writer and an author and i'm getting the feeling that
i should compile these stories into book form.  i'm intuitively sensing
that people who read it may derive comfort in hearing what others have
experienced in similar situations.  i'm thinking the book would be similar to the 'chicken soup for the
soul' series.

love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  and of course, for anyone who has not already done so, please feel free to add your stories to this thread!  O:-)

not trying to be morbid here gang, but have you ever been at the bedside of
someone who was passing on?  i'm curious about this as i was thinking
of my dad today and reflecting on what i experienced when he passed away
back in feb. of '04.  although the circumstances were tragic, our whole
family (as well as some friends) were fortunate enough to be with him,
surrounding his bed where he lay at the hospital.  the attending
physician removed his lifesupport and we stood and waited for him to
take his last breath.

it was quite surreal as i'd never experienced a moment like this in my life and i knew everyone who stood
witness were dealing with this situation in their own private way.  just
moments before he slipped away, he suddenly opened his eyes (he'd been
virtually unresponsive over the last couple of days aside from the
occasional reflexive motions).  my daughter, 18 at the time, was
standing next to his head and suddenly moved closer shouting 'grandpa',
but he just stared straight ahead without appearing to notice her facing
directly in front of him.  he remained like that for only a moment
before closing his eyes again.  it seemed as though he'd noticed
something that was invisible to the rest of us.  it was shortly after
that when the doctor placed his stethoscope against his chest and shook
his head telling us he was gone.

at that point, i remember everything seemed particularly bright in the room and as i looked
around, i wondered if he was watching us and if he was at peace.  i know
that when it was my turn to give him a kiss goodbye, i was very aware
that the shell laying before me was not my dad and if you can believe
it, i almost felt a little bit of envy.  as though, he now had the
answers to the universe and us poor saps in the physical were still left
completely in the dark. 

anyway, that's my story.  it was quite the experience and instead of being something horrifying, it was an
extremely profound moment and one that i'll never forget.  i'd really
love to hear if anyone has had their own experiences.  thanks!

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hi simone...thanks for the tip. :-) i'm currently in the process of considering for self-publishing another novel which i recently completed (still in the rewrite stage). it's great having several different options if one's considering s/p'ing. when i s/p'ished the guide manual i wrote for the canadian hypnotherapy assoc., i obtained the isbn from library/archives canada (which was required). i also launched a short story last jan. which is available on my website, titled COMPLETE 'A Tale of Awakening'. as far as this new project is concerned, i'm hoping that compiling several stories of a similar vein regarding a topic such as what i'm proposing, may potentially awaken deeply buried memories from which others may turn to in order to draw strength and comfort (does that make sense?).

in any case, thanks again for your input's much appreciated!!

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