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I was looking for a very very rare paperback book for years. It was nowhere to be found in Los Angeles or anywhere else. I'd intensely wanted it and invested years of thought energy on finding it at some point, but it seemed futile after a decade of looking. A rare bookstore had a waiting list 20 people long for it and they had never seen a copy, and that was their business!

One day I ambled into a small used bookstore in Santa Monica, feeling a bit depressed about nothing in particular. This store had thousands and thousands of paperback books, and in the state I was in, I was prone to fantasizing...I said, looking at a rack of hundreds of books, wouldn't it be magical if right here, as I turned the rack around (and I stuck my finger out pointing to a particular spot) the book appeared before me, in exactly that spot................................................................and it did!!!!!

The rack had 8 levels and was four deep on every level. Finding the book period, would've been absolutely amazing! Finding it, exactly where I pointed, changed me forever, because the statistical probability of this happening the way it did goes to infinity.

The lesson of course, is what you think on...really WHAT YOU FEEL AND DESIRE DEEPLY (thoughts are a by-product of that), you will, and can manifest. So start FEELING big things!

(By the way, the condition was perfect...and the price, $2)

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Kamala said:
I love that story, i believe in this phenomenon, and it makes me wish I could write down all the synchronicities of my life. Who knows how many we might even miss by simply not noticing them. If I really think about it, my whole life is one synchronicity after another in so many ways. Once I did try to write down all the stuff I thought was synchronistic and to notice them more, and I couldn't keep up! Thank you for your really truly amazing story here - this is a truly amazing event to have this happen this way for you - cool! I believe you manifested this occurance and this is our power but we just don't realize that we are capable of consciously doing this - we are learning I guess how this all works (it is not taught in school ha ha). If this can happen for you imagine the power you have! Keep "manifesting"!!!!
We are all indeed now coming into what is truly our most powerful Self. Imagine how powerful we are, you are so right. We are stepping into the Remembrance of who we really are and in this remembering, of the joining back together of all facets of our Selves, we become the most powerful of creators. 2009 will welcome the opening of several hugely important doorways to the Divine, January 11th being the first. We must now integrate with our Higher Selves totally to join with our brothers and sisters of the FOL. There is much to do but also there is nothing to do but be who we truly are. We are now able to create and manifest at will anything that is within our heart centres. I wish you all that you wish for yourself.

Exciting year ahead indeed.

Namaste, Windsong
Kamala and Windsong, thank you for your comments! It pleases me greatly to know this story was appreciated. I still get excited about the potential this experience suggests exists in this world and ourselves!
Wow, that is a fantastic story R. It is terrific that you found what you wanted when you were in the flow of things - a marvellous example of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. The "meaning" as in you magnetised your desire! I would like to share two examples of meaningful coincidences in my Life.

I think that the Angels / Higher Self gives messages through synchronicity or coincidences. One day in March 2008, I was driving home from work, and heard on the radio "that was Barnzie". The song just played was by Jimmy Barnes. I thought to myself that's nice, then I happened to turn my head to the right, and looked at the car in the next lane, just in front of me.

To my surprise, the licence plate read "BARNZIE". Actually, it was quite surreal. I have heard of the auto-reticular system of human beings, which is a function of the brain which means if you are thinking of something, that you then see many instances of it, simply because you are looking for it, even if sub-consciously. However, this example was uncanny, as what was the random chance that I would hear an un-usual word on the radio, and then see it at the same time on a licence plate? I thought it to be a message that "All is One" or everything merges, we are all parts of the whole and the same, that sort of thing.

My favourite coincidence is when I was in Fremantle doing my Level 1 Reiki course and we had lunch breaks of one hour. I went with my sister to one of the Bookshops and asked at the counter why my Book-lovers Card did not work (i.e. did not swipe correctly to add "points" to my name leading to freebies, LOL). The lass at the counter said "We don't have anything to do with the cards, I will ring the card maker and ask them to contact you in a few days".

Off I went to wander around town, pleasantly window-shopping, then I looked at a CD case I had bought at the aforementioned bookshop. It contained an electronic Streetsmart road directory but the case was cracked. Now, being a very fussy quadruple Virgo (etc.) I returned to the Bookshop to ask for a replacement cover. As I walked up to the store counter, I heard a shop assistant speaking on the telephone, and saying "Oh Celine isn't there, okay then, I'll try to contact her some other way".

The moment she put down the telephone, I walked up to her, and announced, "I am Celine!" Now, here is the clincher …. the shop assistant didn't seem in the least bit surprised that there I was in the flesh. She had just telephoned my work number to ask for me, as she had information about my book-lover's card (and she was a different girl to the one whom I had met in the bookstore earlier). Anyhow, I was really tickled by this coincidence, and by the fact that the girl was not in the slightest bit fazed by the sudden appearance of someone she was just telephoning !!

In fact, I think that our Guides / Angels like to have fun with us at times, and that they were having fun with me then. To me, once again, this coincidence was reminding me that everything is in order ...or that things work out in the end, in this case, the message about my Book Lover’s card got to me speedily!! Of course some say it may have been just pure coincidence, but really, how likely is it that at the exact moment that I walked into the book store, that the store assistant was asking for me on the telephone!!


Thanks for attending to this B. Always appreciated Mr. Administrator(s)!
Amazing story! Synchronicity seems to have such a playful element, imo, how fun! cheers, mlp
It's great to have someone appreciate this after the distant posting! Thanks!


mlp said:
Amazing story! Synchronicity seems to have such a playful element, imo, how fun! cheers, mlp


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