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Contrary to popular social belief systems which portray reality, the nature of reality is quite different and more expansive. Reality is an infinite multi-nested complex of overlapping energies, intents and purposes, within which a "dance" of consciousness and spiritual being occurs. In fact "Life on Earth" is a miniscule "grain of sand on the beach" . The "reality" picture humans are fed in terms of commercial media is both synthetic and suppressive, for the population, the planet, and all incarnated Spirit interacting on it.

How did it get this way, anyway? We examine many things on this website, including how subjective social reality perspectives are programmed into a population through cultural paradigms, how these are constructed and how they can be seen through. We examine a lot of suppressed information, alternative reality viewpoints, and add in contemporaneous discussions on the objective aspects of how realities, both local and general, appear to be laid out, based on experience involving non-local movement of consciousness and being and other sources, for your general evaluation, so that you may relate it to your own experience or use it to further your own experience, in the search for Self and a more accurate picture of reality.

We examine historical events and timelines, people, places and most importantly ideas, for ideas and information are what will shift the current stage of activity from one of conflict and polarity, to one of balance. This planet is the way it is at any one time, and because it is the way it is, we are all here to experience and learn "what not to do and how not to live", as well as personal objectives on a more expansive Spiritual basis.

Notice that most of the material on the internet, the libraries and all 'educational systems', ALL new age paradigms, governments, politics, focus on alien races, channeling, new age information, 'the light' bullshit and virtually everything else on this planet represents a fixation grounded in fear, polarities, and distractions that are intended to divert your attention from the real pursuit of the big questions in life: who you are, where you came from, why you're here, why what's going on is going on and what's next. Most of the internet, from an advanced perspective, is absolute bullshit.

Yet, most of the information on the internet, in all planetary cultures and elsewhere pretends on its face as if it answers the 'big' questions. In actual fact, by definition, you can't find out the answers to the big questions, which existed before the Earth itself, with 3rd density Earth human knowledge that is provided to the mass population by any source on the planet or in this physical universe. That's a fact. What people conceptually view as 'the truth' about 'the big questions' can only come from direct observational knowledge and experience outside this 3rd density reality. However, people are left with so much absolute bullshit to muddle through that they are never satisfied, jumping from mental box to mental box, always searching for a 'better version' of their current understanding. Of course, some people don't even care, which is just fine. The internet is meant to reinforce cultural programming and re-stimulate fear and the long list of other mechanisms geared for control and management of populations by presenting a rigged paradigm in the guise of 'opposing' perspectives. Just like the other planetary media.

This is a planetary culture which functions through the elements of fear, control, manipulation, security, sensation and power. By definition, hierarchical power structures cannot permit free flow of accurate information to those who are controlled. The controlled must be isolated. Thus, Earth culture revels in the pursuit of belief systems that are programmed into it in order to functionally 'replace' what the population would find out if the planet were not as it is. Thus, the experiential planetary reality loosely called "The Game". Yet, in terms of experience, many of us use incarnational experience here because it is the way it is.

We're not trying to change any existing parameter. We're not trying to change "The Game'. We don't want to 'work' to "change" what is happening here. If you don't understand why we say this, it's certainly understandable. We've been there. We are not so much here to "change the world", but to help make it possible for many of us to change ourselves, align with our higher Spiritual nature, and create something better together, that we would all prefer, in order to allow progressive evolution to take place more quickly. Nothing in current society will survive the necessary evolution. The changes you seek are self-generating (no help needed) because of the polarity-based nature of this place.

Yes, there are a lot of really stupid things going on, such as the biological, chemical, psycho-social and electromagnetic manipulation of the population, war, terrorism and generalized mayhem between opposing factions. Remember it is a dark-controlled planet. We can enlighten you about these things so you know what is being done to you in greater detail, but in the end you will need to understand what the nature of your experience means, and when you understand that you will understand more of our perspective orientation, and you will gain more intrinsic freedom to explore other modes - and answers to the 'big questions'. Tired of the bullshit on the general internet and elsewhere outside your home? Stick around for something different.

Again, this planetary reality "offers" religion and other belief systems, and other different races (from wherever) to you as a representation of 'the answer' as defined in those paradigms. They all function to siphon off any personal power and intuitive initiative. The same setup is present on the lower 4th density as a reflective development of those that are here, maintained by those who were here. But, they're ALL a lie meant to distract you from actually finding out answers to 'the big questions'. If you knew the answers, they would lose all their power over you. This is a darkside controlled planet that also has a lightsider polarity that's just as unproductive in an evolutionary sense. In actual fact, it's all just about experience and the accumulation of wisdom. You have nothing to lose. It's not even about winning or losing. It's about increasing your awareness and perspective orientation, as well as achieving a sense of balance, if possible -- if you are predisposed to pursue this in the incarnational situation in which you find yourself at this moment. If not, that's just fine - it doesn't make you 'wrong' - it means you have considered the facts and have chosen to remain ignorant - which is also fine, because that's were you're at. Or, it means that you're currently incapable of understanding what we're speaking about, which is also fine, because that's where your perspective orientation is. In any case, be happy with who you are, because you have other 3rd density incarnations that 'get it'.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself:


Have you been deferring to an external belief system not based on direct observational experience, for your sense of identity and what's really going on, and living a lie of disappointment and frustration that never ends?

Do you derive your sense of identity from what you 'believe' external people 'think of you', giving your power away, day after day?

Do you always find yourself on a seemingly endless "search for the truth", because planetary society is obviously the place not to find it, and neither are the 'new age' paradigms?

Do you 'believe' that your body is you? Do you 'believe' that you are a 'man' or 'woman'? Do you personally identify with your gender?

Are you looking to external 3rd density "alien" races or channeled information for "the truth"? (the truth isn't "Out There")

Are you 'worried' about the 'future' and personal 'survival'?

Your answers not only tell you where you're at, but where you are NOT!

"The use of the word 'Game' originates with the Higher Selves who have incarnations on this planet throughout space and time. The controlling Empire and the Dark side doe NOT consider it a game in any way and doe not appreciate the reference. (Tough!) The expression 'Game' is used because of the challenges and object: to overcome all the Empire's best technology and manipulation to regain your identity (Final Incarnation), gather huge amounts of sensory experiences, emotional experiences and develop wisdom.

The Higher Self view of "The Game": You begin with no memory of who you are and have to regain it by means your own Higher Self decides, in a way and to the degree that is appropriate and unique to each of your incarnations (usually more than a thousand) and unique to YOU. Thus, there is no 'single path' to achieve this understanding, but there are many false paths put there by the various polarity control factions from all pertinent levels to keep you from finding yourself (religion, for example). Every Higher Self will succeed, some faster and some slower, but all will eventually succeed. To find out what you need to do, you must access your Higher Self."

It's not a matter of 'pass or fail'. The experiential journey is what is important. You cannot "fail" the course. If you have never run across this before, you have no idea just how unique your 'current incarnation' is, and how unique your Higher Self is. Since your Higher Self is YOU, and you are all your 3rd density incarnations, experiencing here, simultaneously (unless you are alien to this mode and operate sequentially, in which it takes far longer to progress), you already have portions of YOU that knows this in one or more Earth 'lifetimes'. So, be happy with the incarnation you have going here in this space-time location. You are not here to "gain enlightenment". You are here to experience and gain wisdom. Enlightenment is a perverse linguistic distortion of religion and a blind alley. It's bullshit and always will be bullshit. It is an experiential loop - rather dyslexic. That's a learning, too. I have always found it hilarious and ironic that Alfred E. Newman had it right in terms of what the character said, but not for the same reasons.

Valerian, Valdamar - Matrix I (1988) --(clearer version).pdf
Valerian, Valdamar - Matrix II (1991).pdf
Valerian - Matrix III Volume One.pdf
Valerian - Matrix III Volume Two.pdf
Valdamar Valerian - Matrix IV.pdf
Matrix Support material--ZIP

Zip content:
A Chronology of Fluoridation by Val Valerian Nov. 1997
Alex Collier - Defending Sacred Ground
Census-Gate 2000 by Val Valerian
Chronological History Of Health 540-1945 by Val Valerian
Chronological History Of Health 1946-1977 by Val Valerian
Chronological History Of Health 1978-1994 by Val Valerian
CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children - Jon Rappoport
Fractal Evolution - Leading Edge Research Group 1995
Gulf War Syndrome - Leading Edge Research Group 1996
Handbook for the New Paradigm Volume One
Handbook for the New Paradigm Volume Two
Handbook for the New Paradigm Volume Three
Leading Edge Fluoridation Paradigm Analysis
Leading Edge Interview with Al Bielek, August 1997 pt1
Leading Edge Interview with Al Bielek, August 1997 pt2
Leading Edge Interview with David Icke
Leading Edge Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek Dec. 1995
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm pt1
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm pt2
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm pt3
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm pt4
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm pt5
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm pt6
Leading Edge Master Analysis of the Vaccination Paradigm pt7
Leading Edge Research Group- International Patents of Interest
Neurological Magnetic Fields and Altered States
Revelations From The Leading Edge (Matrix II excerpt)
Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides - Val Valerian
secrets_of_the_mojave7 (mentions Val Valerian's background)
The 2020 IBM Neural Chip Implant - Leading Edge Research Group
The Challenge of Avoiding Human Extinction
The Experience of Incarnation in An Organic Body by Val Valerian
The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System - Val Valerian
The Krill Report - Val Valerian 1988
The Resnick Interview with Peter Kawaja and Ex-NSA Agent Joe Jordan
therealityhoax by val valerian
Val Valerian - Laura Lee interview (10-03-92)-The 4th Dimensional
wilde (some welcome perspective on MV imho..)

Backup files down here if server down

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nice post good info but a lot of big words you may wish to abridge
what big words? does truth hurt you..if so hide yourself from
Alex said:
nice post good info but a lot of big words you may wish to abridge
Nice post but the truth! there is no truth make your own truth whatever is channmeling a video or everywhere else you take your info..the truth is not written anywhere! humanity is lost by is own coz we got free will !!
what the hell your talking about? did you even open one of joined pdf files..come on these are from top secret documents.. i bet you read the post .but havent checked the pdf

Martin 2012 said:
Nice post but the truth! there is no truth make your own truth whatever is channmeling a video or everywhere else you take your info..the truth is not written anywhere! humanity is lost by is own coz we got free will !!
my pleasure Mon Pote

jen ai dautre comme ca.. je te donnnerais mon blog perso

Re-Frect-Sharam said:
just started reading the first one and it so far it is spot-on!

phew, this is heavy duty stuff and the warning at the beginning is very valid....

All of the info I have read so far can and has been verified by recent whistleblower testimonials on Project Camelot... i.e Dan Bruish...

WEll for those who have a strong need for understanding everything (me) , good and bad in order to make a knowledgable choice should read this...
No its not a nice Fairy tale, it is in all intense and purposes a horror story BUT............... it is, as far as I can tell.... The truth of US and the horendeous story of all that has taken palce up until now...

I feel we should ALL assimilate ourselves with this mans work for it will give you a greater understanding of everything that has happend and why... it is not a pretty picture but it is the truth. Thjose that brave these documents for the incredible info contained within them will gain a most incredible insight into what is happening now, why and how we got to this point...... and I'm only on page 100 of the first download..........

Do not be detered, it does have a light side in the fact that total knowledge is power to make an informed and understanding point of view....

Excellent find but an awkward way of downloading the PDf....
Hi blessed :) just wondering if you can condense all that information into a nutshell :)
Hehe mon pot mais parle francais c cool viens tu du quebec mai ou c donc que tu reste. moi je viens de la ville de merde de st-jerome.. lol

Blessed By God MTRL said:
my pleasure Mon Pote

jen ai dautre comme ca.. je te donnnerais mon blog perso

Re-Frect-Sharam said:
just started reading the first one and it so far it is spot-on!

Well friend..ya..3 words....aliens are real!

no seriously. icant..or you would be missing the good stuff

starweaver said:
Hi blessed :) just wondering if you can condense all that information into a nutshell :)
yes.. the blue link

Kahless said:

These documents link together SO MUCH stuff I have read in history, science, spirituality, religion. Someone should interview Val, he's a GENIUS! What a dedication he makes to this.

I will certainly be promoting this very heavily on Truthworkers!

THOUSANDS of pages of information here, for anyone who hasn't started reading these files, but be warned, it is very powerful!

It goes so detailed it describes inner earth entrances on a map of the USA and even details Atlantean crystal power systems.

There is EVERYTHING here!

P.S. Do you have a link to this on the original authors website?

Probably the best post I have ever seen on here regarding an ultimate source of factual truths.
welcome friend

Comment on the video link..(spaceball quote) What the hell im a looking at!!, when this happened in the movie...!!!
ParadigmShift said:
mtrl after giving this epic post a few reads over, I've cone to realie that it's probably one of the most important things I've ever read. Thank you so much my friend. As such, I feel I must repay somehow, so here:
Thank you blessed, "Aliens are real " :)

Blessed By God MTRL said:
Well friend..ya..3 words....aliens are real!

no seriously. icant..or you would be missing the good stuff

starweaver said:
Hi blessed :) just wondering if you can condense all that information into a nutshell :)

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