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You are speaking IN LIGHT. We are not a person or people. We have only Light form.THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT,BLOSSOM GOODCHILD
June 21st.

How shall we begin today? I wonder what will be on these pages when we have finished our communication in this moment of NOW. I’ll just sit back and relax and let my fingers do the talking.

Should we take a different track today?

Entirely up to you.

We feel it would be congenial to do so. Therefore, let us take your hand and walk a different road with you this day. We have so often spoken to you in many ways regarding your purpose on this planet… that of bringing it into alignment as it moves with grace into its new settings. So let us speak in other terms …

..... ....... ..............
Are you still there? Nothing seems to be coming through all of a sudden.

We are thinking.

About what?

About the purest way to deliver to you that which we desire to speak to you about. For as you know … when words are involved they can be taken in … and yet not always interpreted in the manner that we are expressing. Therefore we are considering all options.

Okydoke. I was just checking. You must find us quite frustrating at times then … if we are not always receiving your words as you wish them to be understood?

Frustrating would not be the word we choose. For it is the inner journey of the individual to find out our meanings for themselves. We try to be as explanatory as we are able, and yet we find it necessary also for you to do the work … in discovering the depth of the words in which we bring forth. Ones soul would never grow to its fullest capacity if all work was done for them. They would become rather autonomated … for it is the heart that needs to hear … not just the mind that needs to interpret that of which we speak.

So … do you just feel that you will keep on keeping on … expressing in as many ways as possible in order to help us open up our hearts?

Precisely and yet … do you not see dear lady … That as each one of you awaken more and more to the Truth of yourselves … more of your Truth can be revealed? And with that … as it evolves … the entire ‘game’ becomes so much more ‘involved’ as it ‘evolves’. The pace is quickened and the excitement as one understands its position on the board … so to speak … allows the enthusiasm to ‘want’ to become more involved … it works in this continuing cycle. Ones eagerness to learn /recall heightens … the further along one becomes down the road. There is a never ending bank of interest … for the more one knows … the more one sees there is to know … it is continual …And yet as we say … as one grows into their new understanding … one cannot help but be fired by their own inquisitiveness. Their intuition is their guide. Leading them on to a brighter place … and as the brightness lights the way ahead … what is presented is even more beautiful than the place one is in … that they thought could not get any more beautiful … and yet it does dear friends . On and on and on ….As one walks into the Truth of what IS … one becomes THE LIGHT that they are.
You NOW in this moment of time on your planet reside in THE LIGHT that is you at this moment of time. THIS LIGHT that is you is of a particular brightness due to the particular vibration that you are residing in upon earth within this moment. However … as you move up into the Higher vibrations the YOU that YOU ARE is able to become a brighter part of itself. Therefore it is able to be of a brighter LIGHT. It is the SAME Light yet it is ‘whiter’ or more golden in depth. Again words fail to provide that which we desire to express.

I get what you mean … our vocabulary is a little stunted that’s all.

So… as the vibration Lightens … YOU ARE ABLE TO BE MORE OF THE TRUTH OF YOURSELF … .as you get closer to your TRUE home … the TRUE LIGHT that you are is able to shine out to a stronger degree in brilliance …
This takes place NOW … your Light is brightening upon your planet earth because of YOU. Each and everyone of you that is ‘getting it’ … is able to bring that Light into your being from that Higher vibration ... in order for that Higher vibration to be here.
We say that it is a Higher vibration that is now filtering through, yet do you not see dear friends … that it is YOU who ARE that Higher vibration. It is the Higher part of you that as you awaken are bringing into BEING upon your planet. Therefore as we have said … YOU are making this happen. YOU are the ones through doing this very thing …bringing in your True Light … that are transforming your planet and making the change take place. Simply by BEING your Light.
When you say … ‘you do not know your purpose’ … when some of you sit in a discontent space within yourself … try to understand, that your purpose … your entire reason of existing at this time is to BE OF LIGHT … TO BE OFJOY … because by doing that … you are fulfilling your purpose of being where you are. You are … by Being Light … bringing IN THE LIGHT and therefore doing what you came to do .Lift the planet into its Lighter disposition. That’s all there is to it. To be of joy.

Not to put a dampener on the excitement that is within you as you portray all this … as you have probably realised … from our energy at times … it just isn’t ALWAYS THAT EASY. I am in no way wishing to be negative … but there are struggles that have to be rectified and sometimes just by being plain and simple … good old fashioned humans … we are not always in a place within ourselves when we can BE in that total joy … so … if that is what we came here to do … by you and other channels reminding of this … we could … if we allowed ourselves … FEEL that we are letting the side down a little … and yet … we are just having an off day. Do you not get off days? … If you do, you might be able to see where I am coming from with this.

Dearest lady … we do not have ‘off days’. We that are connecting and communicating with you … Blossom Goodchild. For we understand ALL things from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. It is not possible for us to have lower thought vibrations for WE THAT SPEAK WITH YOU … cannot conceive of them or form them. That is not to say that we do not ‘pick up’ on energies from those that are experiencing an ‘off day’ … and when we do …we simply send Love to that energy … for that by far … above all else … is the most helpful thing to do.

Right now …in this moment … to whom am I speaking?

You are speaking IN LIGHT. We are not a person or people. We have only Light form.
You are speaking IN LIGHT. We are not a person or people. We have only Light form.

(that last line doubled itself … therefore I shall leave it be)
You also have a huge amount of Love because I am overwhelmed right now. Thank you.

We present ourselves to YOU … because we chose to.

Do you reside on the large vessel that you have said will appear? Are you that I am speaking to NOW … part of The Federation Of Light … for I feel I have sort of been allowed to enter into HEAD OFFICE today. Your energy is so much more powerful … and I am …in awe … (another word for uncontrollable tears)

Let us say that we have no need to reside anywhere … for we as you have correctly stated our ‘IN CHARGE’ shall we say. We are not those who are of your usual contact ... We have allowed them the day off! For we felt it was time to greet you. Those of us in THE HIGHER RANKS.

Don’t know what to say really … other than ... why? Have I done something that honours such a visit?

What would your answer be to that question?

In ALL TRUTH … I am just trying to do my best … like everyone else. Guess I got lucky! I do apologise for this EXTREME emotion … you sort of took me by surprise.

And yet … did you not in your head last night hear ‘you are in for a lovely surprise’?

Yes …. But it didn’t happen … so I knocked myself down … for ‘making things up’.

Your timing was a little awry … that was all.

I see that now. Whoa! TRULY … where does one go from here?

You keep on walking the path in which you are walking … it leads you home.

Is there anything more you want to say … I’m so sort of blown away by ‘your company’ I’ve no idea if you have spoken much or little … or for how long?

Our purpose was to give you this nice surprise. We FEEL it has been successful.

More than you know at this time … well … you probably do … but yes, very appropriate timing and most unexpected. May I just confirm … now I am coming to my senses … that you said … you do not reside on the ship … I have the FEELING as I am writing this … that you are the OVERSEERS. So … When you say you do not reside anywhere … you are … EVERYWHERE?

Correct. Those whom you are in regular contact with are part of a HIGHER group of energy that Oversee the management of THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … and we would put it to you … for want of a way for souls on earth to understand … that they ‘reside’ upon the vessel … and yet they are not ‘contained’ there. They are able to ‘return’ to their ‘Truest home’ ‘within’ letting go of the form in which they present themselves to those who need them to present themselves in form. And yet … they do not NEED to be in form.
We wish you to understand that THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … is much more than you are able to comprehend … even if we tried to tell you. Therefore we ask you to Trust … to FEEL from the deepest Truth of your hearts that we have only your greatest good within our intentions to assist. This you must find within you as YOUR TRUTH.
If you cannot … we do not ‘knock’ you for it … for it is YOUR TRUTH that is to be found …. Not ours … if you see what we are trying to submit to you.
WE ARE LIGHT. YOU ARE LIGHT. WE ARE ALL FROM/OF THE SAME LIGHT. FOR THAT LIGHT IS ALL THERE TRULY IS. It is your choice to recognise this as Truth … or not? It is up to you dearest friends.
We only ask you to BE THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE … and by BEING IT … you will KNOW of OUR TRUTH … Which ultimately … you will see … is YOURS.

I know that is your finishing ‘touch’ for today. Excuse me whilst I just peel myself off of the ceiling!! Seriously … what can I say … words … words … words … they sometimes just don’t cut it do they? So … I TRUST you FELT what I was FEELING during that DIVINE INTERVENTION. That’s how it was for me. My heart was aflame! My body was bursting … and yet at the same time … I was so humbled … I crumbled!!!! Literally.
An honour … an absolute honour … Gratitude beyond gratitude. There is simply nothing more to say … yet my FEELING carries on ‘to you out there’ for taking that time to come to me ‘in here’.
I sign off now … IN LOVE … to you … IN LIGHT.
FAR OUT!!! There are a few things I need to add now that today’s channelling is over. Last night I did my first public White Cloud meeting in 10 months. In the car on the way down as I was ‘adjusting’! I felt White Cloud was saying ‘You are in for a lovely surprise’. I assumned naturally that he was talking about something that would take place that evening. It was a pleasant enough evening, don’t get me wrong , yet nothing happened that blew me out of the water so to speak. There were probably about 20 or so people in attendance and I have to be honest in saying that after such a long break away … I did ponder on whether or not this is what White Cloud wants to me … after 10 years … I feel we are not exactly drawing in the crowds. Don’t misunderstand me here … it is not about ego ... It is about doing what is best for the best. So … moving right along … when I tuned in to channell today … I was saying my protection blessing … during which I ask White Cloud to be my gate keeper etc … and as I did so … I had a vision scenario (for want of a better way to express … again!) of White Cloud taking my hand and as if we went inside a capsule briefly, and came out in a lift in a building … which I knew to be a large craft …although it looked like a large office building … there were many ‘people’ on board at their desks … and White Cloud held my hand as we walked passed them. All of them smiling and yet I didn’t see any faces. A few nudged each other and a general whisper of ‘that’s her’. We came before a pair of VERY LARGE doors and I was brushing myself down and smartening myself up … the doors opened … White Cloud stayed behind and I walked into a room of White Light … through which I could make out some very tall rainbow coloured columns (?). I immediately KNEW I was in the presence of ‘BEINGS OF LIGHT’. I felt so full of Love .There was a large table in the mists of this Light and I sat at it with my lap top (der!) and said ‘shall we begin’
I then prepared to begin writing and considered whether or not it was appropriate to write down that which I had just experienced … I decided it was more of a personal thing … and thought better of it … yet NOW after the channelling I FEEL it makes sense to share it with you. Please understand it was all a visionary experience. I didn’t FEEL I was actually there. It was like watching a movie unfold in my mind’s eye. None the less …. The energy FELT by them when they came through … was indeed AWE some.
As I say … it was an honour and a pleasure and sort of like a confirmation for me that ‘All is as should be’. Thanks for ‘listening’.

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Thank you Kerrie and Thank you Blossom Goodchild.
It is heartwarming and I feel the love and the warmth that this involves. People need to understand that it is extremely important how you put yourself out in daily live. And then only will humans understand that it is important to stay in the light at all times.
Not easy, but the ultimate prize is a liberation of evrything negative that surrounds you.
And your light will shine shine shine

Looks like blossom was running out of conversations with gfol, so is now making up a new rank to keep us on hold for another year. I say this to blossom, if you arew true, do your channelings for free, no more shows, get a day job and channel white cloud etc for free. Then we may believe you, anyone that does it for book sales, show tickets etc is a fraud, if they were true they would do it for totally free
Dear dear Andy, I think you do not understand what it is to stay in the light.
It is important to vest in your faith of the light, because that is our future to be.
i agree with andy. and yes u need to "stay in the light" as much as possible but also be aware
So much for the yangenergy ... I'll be aware that there is still much work to do ...

I send you all my Yinenergy

Its a thought form
speaking with her own energy

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