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You Are Love.

There ya go, a complete understanding of Everything. The answer to all of life's questions. What am I? Why am I Here? What is God? What is my purpose in life? Where did I come from? Where am I going? All these questions and more answered in a statement that's the Essence of simplicity. You Are Love.

Not fully satisfied with the answer? Well, perhaps you don't have a full understanding of it. There's a whole whole lot contained within the words “You”, “Are” and “Love”. Whole books have been written on each of these concepts and barely touched the surface of the understandings contained therein. In fact, there's an expression of the All Being One in each of the words. If I were to describe every aspect, I'd be writing endlessly. I'm not going to, but I will explain the basics of what I mean by the words “You”, “Are” and “Love”along with their intimate connection to each other.

Who are you? This is the questions the Caterpillar asked Alice. She replied that she wasn't really sure anymore, her sense of self had changed so much that day she wasn't really sure who she was anymore. “Who are you?” is a question we ask another upon first meeting them. Usually this “you” consists of a name and a few other culturally-dependent qualities. In the U.S., describing yourself normally includes what kind of work you do. So the self you're presenting consists of a name and a job. Surely self is deeper than this. The “you” I'm talking about when I say “You Are Love” exists totally independent of qualities like your name and job, though these may be used to express who you are.

So what is You? What is Self? Well, I already answered that in the title of this piece, but if everyone already understood what I said, there'd be no point in writing this would there? So what do I mean when I say “you”? To understand this we must get to the very Core of Self. Are you a name? If you changed your name would it change who you Are? What about your job? Would a promotion have any influence on who you really Are? It may change your self-image, but does it really change who you Are? Note the difference I'm making between self and self-image.

If you're like the vast majority of people, there's a gap between who You Really Are and who you think you are. This is the distinction between self and ego. Some have told me that in the limited and dualistic English language, ego means self. I agree completely, and this is precisely why I use the word ego to refer to the illusionary self. So the ego is who you think you are, and who you really are is who You Really Are. There's a big difference between believing you're something and actually being it. This brings us to the second part of “You Are Love”, the “Are”.

“Are” is a word that means to be. Be, are, is, am, all words connected to Being. You and Being are joined at the hip. Just try to define self without Being. Any declaration of who you are begins with “I Am”. Without the Am-ness (Being), “I” has no definition. There is no individual self without Being. Being is the experience of You Being You. You can't not Be You, but you can try to be something you believe you are. You can lose sight of yourself within illusion, but your True Self is still Here. What is the True Self? That brings us to the third part of “You Are Love”, the “Love”.

What is Love? Well, what isn't Love? I can sum up everything Love is not in one word, ignorance. Ignorance is denial of what is actually happening, Love is what is actually Happening. Ignorance doesn't really exist, it's the act of denying what does exist. You can't hold ignorance in your hand, nor can you be conscious of it. If you're conscious of ignorance, it's no longer ignorance because you aren't ignoring it anymore. Another word for ignorance is fear. You try to avoid what you are afraid of, which is the same as ignoring it. Of course, you put energy into the things you are afraid of, which only draws them closer to you. In ignorance this is a curse, as the things one is trying to ignore keep coming back again and again. In Love this is a blessing, as we continually manifest opportunities to move beyond fear and ignorance.

Love is always an opportunity for Evolution. In ignorance we're bound, in Love We're Free. Each Moment of Love is an expansion of that Freedom. You are not static, it's the identity given to you by society that's a static thing. You Are Love, and in your Oneness with Love, your Self has the Freedom of Boundless Expansion. Fear creates limits, Love dissolves them. Love is the Experience of the Present Moment and each Moment always contains more than the previous (see Fibonacci for this understanding). In this, the most Profound Experience you can have is simply Being Present. In fact, you aren't truly experiencing anything until you are Present.

You Are Love. All words who's interconnectedness gives them meaning. They can't exist separately. If they were separate, existence wouldn't exist. “You Are Love” is the same as saying “Consciousness Being Aware of Itself”. Strip down every aspect of “You” and the “You” is only Consciousness. This is the very Basis of your Experience. Consciousness is all that Is and the expression of this is the true meaning of the word Love.


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Thank you...i like reading your posts.
Wouldn't be wonderful if everybody truly understood these three words...?
Thank you Will!
we are all love...we are all soul....
keep spreading the light will....thankyou

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