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First, allow me to define where Here is. Here is the very center of a Multi-Dimensional Universe that expands endlessly in All Directions. Not just expanding two-dimensionally, like the dualistic understanding of infinity. Not just expanding three-dimensionally, like the scientific understanding of a Newtonian Universe. Not just four-dimensionally, and not just five-dimensionally either. The Universe is expanding endlessly in an endless amount of directions (I say Universe, but It's bigger than that too). In something with no edges, limits or boundaries, center is an entirely relative term, which makes every quanta of Consciousness the center of Everything. Where you are Now is the very center of a Process so large it's totally incomprehensible to the mind.

Based on outward appearances it may not appear this way to you, so I'm going to suggest a different way of looking at things. On the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation, they had a room inside the ship called the Holodeck. It created a holographic image that could also be touched, smelled, heard, and tasted. It created a reality that was indistinguishable from the real thing. Now, I'm suggesting the realm you're currently in is quite like the Holodeck on Star Trek, though when you step out of it you aren't in another physical realm, but a Higher Dimensional one. There's an episode where they forget they're in the Holodeck and to them the hologram becomes their reality. Looked at with the right pair of eyes, this is a more accurate description of what's really going on that anything religion has to offer.

Now, you may be in this realm, but you're not of it. Nothing in this realm is really of this realm. Every atom is a quanta, and individual and discrete unit of Consciousness Itself. Each has it's own God-Spark and is a part (not apart) of the Body of God. Each atom vibrating together with all the other atoms is what Co-Creates Creation. Each atom is made entirely of Energy, it's mass is an illusion that comes from how slowly it has to vibrate to exist within this realm. Just because most people are so concerned with the lower vibrational aspects of the atoms, certainly doesn't mean that's all they are. They may vibrate at a frequency that creates the holographic matrix we call the material realm, but they certainly aren't limited to that. A matter of fact, they take vacations.

Take for instance, thought. The thought itself exists in dimensions beyond the physical. The world's most powerful nano-computer, your brain, is able to translate these thoughts into electrical impulses, but the thoughts themselves originate for your Consciousness, something far beyond the physical realm. It's no mystery that our 2d and 3d oriented science still has only the most basic understandings of Consciousness and the brain. They understand that there probably are other dimensions, but it's kinda like the old maps where the unexplored parts have drawings of sea serpents, dragons, and other mythical beasts. They know something's there, but their limited understandings are much “safer” if they don't venture too far out.

To see the Multi-Dimensional aspect of atoms, one only needs to realize the creative power of thought. Books like “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” discuss this in great detail. Personally, I've read neither, but in hearing people talk about them I think the books may focus upon the wrong things. Aiming all your thoughts at winning the lottery probably isn't going to win you the lottery. Most people want to win the lottery because they think they're poor. If this is the thought behind why you want to be rich, you're only going to manifest feelings of lack, not abundance. The books on manifestation may mention this, but I doubt they focus upon it too much. Thoughts do have an effect upon the manifest realm, but one must peel back the layers of the mind and get to the roots of the thoughts to really experience this. The atoms aren't your slaves, you don't control them, they work with your Higher Self to further your own evolution. They aren't here to fulfill petty and transient desires. The biggest “secret” of manifestation is that the Present Moment is the manifestation of precisely what you need. If you pay attention, you'll notice opportunities are constantly arising for personal growth. It's your Higher Thoughts that truly affect the manifest, not the lower thoughts like fear and desire.

The Present Moment is where you Are. It's where you've always been, and it's where you'll always Be. You can try to go somewhere else, you can indulge in the illusions of the mind, you can be ignorant of the Present, but you're still Here. The Present Moment is the Key to expanding Consciousness as it's where Consciousness Is. It's the only place Consciousness Is, because nothing else exists. Ignorance is nothing, you can't exist there, you only ignore Consciousness. It's a fool's errand, the road to nowhere, but also the mental state of most of Humanity. They have only to Be Who, What, When and Where they already Are to snap out of it, but most have built up a whole imaginary world entirely separate from Reality. They have businesses, bank accounts, countries and governments that only exist inside their minds. Look at a picture of the Planet from space, see any lines? If you erased the idea of a business from all it's employee's minds, what would it be other than an empty building? The world most people “live” in is constructed from illusion. Within their world, they have the appearance of control and order, but at the expense of their own Freedom.

Repeating the mistakes of the past is no longer an option, simply because the Planet will not be able to support a population so dysfunctional as society is now (if you don't think society is dysfunctional, feel free to explain why a government would spend $10 million on something whose only function is to explode and kill people). Being Here, Being Present, makes perfect spiritual sense, it makes perfect political sense, it even makes perfect economic sense. It makes sense in every sense of sense. An Awakened populace wouldn't wage wars upon itself, they wouldn't feed into systems that obviously don't work. Being Awake, Being Here Now, is how you get in touch with your Multi-Dimensional Self. The realization that you are so much more than a physical body will abolish the materialism so rampant in the world. Humanity will realize it's Oneness and that it has so much more to gain from cooperation than competition. All this and more from Humanity's simple realization of what's already Present Within Themselves.

Unconditional Love from Will, Mother & Father God, and Your Family Of Light.

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Right!Thank you!
Very interesting read. So true when you say that the present moment is were we are. I spent a lot of my time thinking about the past or worrying about the future and it wasn't nice at all emotionally and psychologically. I find my peace in the now moment and in the now moment life is good.

I also liked this one:

"The biggest “secret” of manifestation is that the Present Moment is the manifestation of precisely what you need."

Thank you.
No matter where you go, there you are :)



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