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YES OR NO nice and simple lets have a vote,yay or nay only with your own eyeballs please

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i dont mean to be rude or pretend to have any answers but when i look up in the sky i dont see a link to a picture,and i dont see a big round white ball that should be there that we call the moon,im using just mark one standard issue eyeballs and my whole heart NAMASTE
why is the moon U shaped .. ??? is it always like that ,, ??
dont know where you are all looking, still no moon here, 16:49pm 01/12/08

been 10 days now
I watched it last night over the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in the US. It was yellow-gold, hanging in the sky with Venus and Jupiter above it. Beautiful sight.
well, the moon is here now ..
guess its not gone after all (duh).
saw the moon today. was a crescent as expected. No sign or evidence of a 'new' new moon.
are you sure .. ?? maybe all of us are seeing the holographic projection and it cannot reach you yet .. !! sorry if this seems bogus, i m just trying to get somewhere

Andy (UK) said:
dont know where you are all looking, still no moon here, 16:49pm 01/12/08

been 10 days now
South Eastern UK, North London area, no moon. Light showers, some clouds, but no visible moon in first quarter.

Interesting fact: tonight the moon eclipses Venus for the first time since the 1920's. If you can see it, count yourself lucky because the next time that happens will be in 2039.

Going to keep an open mind about the 'changed moon' topic until I can see Mother Luna for myself, so I'm waiting for a night with clear skies and the moon slightly higher above the horizon.
Oooohhh I'm so excited about todays alignment.
hehehehe <----- excitement

Simone said:
It was higher up in the sky last night and very beautiful again with Venus and Jupiter very bright, very spectacular sight!
yes-cresent moon in NC-very beautiful with venus and jupiter
I have been skeptical of the 'new' moon, but i think that this alignment of the planets with the moon is pretty amazing. Is there a precision date or time known for when they are best aligned?
This could be a key moment or a great time to meditate if its known. Hopefully hasn't passed already.
This really is a pretty cool event, im not yet sure about the 'new' moon, but i feel that the alignment has significance.


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