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YES OR NO nice and simple lets have a vote,yay or nay only with your own eyeballs please

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As a matter of fact...nothing...the sky had a few clouds in it, and it was a pitch black sky for me. It was weird because I couldn't even see the stars, perhaps the clouds were blocking the visible ones, but it was pitch black, and I doubt the moon was hiding behind the clouds, because you'd still be able to see some light through the clouds.
It was kinda weird.
I got mood change for you, but it's all about the new moon... the phase that is, not the one off the shelf lol. The full moon was almost 2 weeks ago... I think this is a carry over lol

Bobert said:
Yeah i wish that site that HR posted showed the 25th and 26th viewing area. Clinton should be able to see it tonight and most of the world tomorrow. We'll see.

You know one thing though is, has anybody ever notice how people and animals get a little more crazy during the full moon. Let's see if there's any mood change.
Ow believe me, i don't believe that such a feat is impossible! i believe it was brought here to begin with so i know that they got the capability and tech to take it away again.

I guess it just seems really out of the blue!
Brad, humor us. Where is all this information coming from? Why are you suddenly the know-all tell-all of the history of the universe?
I checked the sky tonite and no moon! I asked my friend if she had seen the moon in passed few days and she said no.
I'll keep looking...
will wait for monday to see any moon :)
yesterday was weird coz there wasn't much clouds but i couldn't see any stars.
two days ago it was cloudy but the BEAUTIFUL stars were out to be seen.

i looked closer at the sky yesterday and discovered a streak of a chemtrail in the sky. possibly thats why i couldnt see any stars, or anything further up than the clouds.
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It would surprise me dearly if the moon was gone or change, as it would us all. At the moment, i expect to see the moon again as usual in a couple of days.


Such a feat as to move an entire moon is not impossible. In fact, for them, it is easy. They have mother ships larger that Jupiter, so to move a tiny moon is no problem. And then even controlling conditions on earth, that seems unfathomable, but maybe not for them...

Their capability is just infinite.

If you have any questions :)
no moon in texas. Lots of clouds, but you can still usually see a faint glow behind them. No moon whatsoever. but then again, at this stage it not big enough to discern.
You know that I think of it, I have not seen the moon in about a week...Is that normal? I am in South Carolina ,United States. I do remember about a year or two ago ,reading about our moon being a man made planet...hmn..could it be possible? I will see if I can find out where I read it, and see what else I can find about the subject!!!
Perfect, it's going to be clear tonight and we're suppost to see the moon. I'll have 100% confirmation yes/no the moon is visible tonight and 95% of the people on the site should be able to see it aswell, provided they have clear skies.
its already the night of 29th here and still no moon ....
@bobert .. what time is it there now . ??
@all being .. so . does that mean those two bright stars adjacent to each other are in fact jupiter and venus .. ?? ( just about read your link ) ..

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