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YES OR NO nice and simple lets have a vote,yay or nay only with your own eyeballs please

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Lol maybe! However I would personally think the moon was blown up by some malevolent group of people to throw the Earth off its axis so then the earth would flip upside down.

Or it could make the earth begin rotating the other way around which would make everything on earth fly up out of the atmosphere x]

I don't know. If the moon isn't there by monday, anything could be right. Or wrong. I don't know...
Brad Johnson said:
Well hopefully then, if there is no moon around that time, perhaps, perhaps, what I have put up could be a possibility of what is happening?
Actually, Andy, no not anyone is Australia. Look at the red bits.

Andy (UK) said:
thats fine, so can anyone in australia see it now, should be able to according to that link, please someone in australia confirm you can see it
For those who are going for Hajj this year, "Hajj Mabroor!"

The Astronomical New Moon is on Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 16:55 Universal Time (i.e., 11:55 am EST, and 8:55 am PST ). This crescent moon is impossible to be seen anywhere in the world on November 27. On November 28, 2008, it is sightable in Australia, Part of Southern Africa, and South & Central Americas. In North America, on November 28, chances of visibility are very slim with naked eye (e.g., in San Diego, CA at sunset, the moon is only 3 degrees above horizon
says it CAN be seen in Australia
Yep, sorry I meant that there is NO green right now. So it would be difficult for most of us to discern it until it waxes more.

Brad Johnson said:
With that website HR, D rating is like the worst possible rating and its nowhere near any continents. Just redness in the corner with no continents overlapping...Hmm, I don't know guys... :/
Lots of stars, but no moon here...over seas 150 km northeast of Stockholm, Sweden.

No moon in New Delhi too. btw .. why are they doing it . ??
ok ya no hope for the media thanks guys im about gone for a few hours 23;00 GMT,not a bit a moon about!
South Eastern UK, North London area, clear skies, no moon. Not expecting one tonight either.

However, if the moon is /not/ there when I come home from work on Sunday, I'll be more than slightly worried and probably spend the rest of that night in meditation.

One thing I've always been able to do, no matter where I am, is spot the moon. It's a companion in an otherwise rather lonely life. So if I don't see a waxing moon in first quarter in its usual spot Sunday night, you may consider me entirely flummoxed.
are we all losing the plot or is omething happenijng here?
Problem is, if the moon does suddenly appear visible then people can proclaim the aliens were able to do their work quickly :P

Steve Atreides said:
I'm entertaining the theory that one of these friendly races may be replacing our old moon and getting rid of the Greys' base. Considering the automatic writing results Reb has been displaying, I think it may in fact be the case that the Arcturians or Tau Cetians may have something to do with it, but i'll hold my judgement until monday night.
its the 29th in some parts of the world, still no moon visible, probably a rational explanation, just a little scarey

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