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YES OR NO nice and simple lets have a vote,yay or nay only with your own eyeballs please

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not in north east uk, NO MOON
and its clear skies, very clear, no clouds
isint it possible if enough people phoned tv stations this could be on the news?
no moon in israel, but are you sure that the fact thats its gone FOR NOW cant be because of smt' else then "the moon is gone" :) ?
you think they would allow them to groadcast it, something strange is happening
buddha boy - no, even if the moon is gone forever the media is controlled by the gov and they are controlled by others. i dont see any chance of media telling the truth in any case.
Moon is supposed to be not visible to those in the northern hemisphere. It just began waxing.
so can anyone in the southern hemisphere see it now?

Andy (UK) said:
so can anyone in the southern hemisphere see it now?
Uh today is the new moon, but tomorrow and the day after I will check. If the moon isn't visible by monday, then I will be kinda freaked out xD
Check my link, Brad.

Brad Johnson said:
Well hopefully then, if there is no moon around that time, perhaps, perhaps, what I have put up could be a possibility of what is happening?
thats fine, so can anyone in australia see it now, should be able to according to that link, please someone in australia confirm you can see it

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