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I just wanna say what do you think will occur due to the UFO disclosure having an deadline by the end of May 2009 what will happen?

I think Obama will announce the presence of extraterrrestrials and show proof or perhaps an live ET on National Television.

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I would hope so, but if not I will not be surprised if he did absolutely nothing.
Show a live ET?

I didn't get invited to any disclosure yet. ;)....LOL

There is this dude in Europe (France I think) that is planning on doing something like that too and he didn't invite me either, go figure lol. The race is on it seems.
Hard to say yes....guess we'll know when it happens. bu the other countries that did do their disclosure still didn't disclose everything, but at least they started to. :). maybe some released them all. But not all :).

With the freedom of information act, they already have a lot of stuff that got released. What they need to release is the real smoking guns as they're called in the UFO world.
Well, May 31 is almost over, and so far there have been no disclosures today or yesterday. Perhaps that is because the media is controlled by those who would prefer to not let it happen. Anyway, I guess it better to just wait and see!
Peace and light to all,
Well, although it is beginning of June and no official disclosure yet, however the media is slowly leaking the information, also there is more coming out in shows like the Discovery Channel. There is going to be a huge upheaval in the religious sect and that may be where most of the argument is coming from. However when you talk to people on the sly, they do question alot about ET's. Living in a place where religion has an incredible stronghold on the community (church every 1.5 miles) seems to be a good place to do this sort of inquiry LOL. I don;t think that national TV is the way to go as we know the lies they spew.....It will probrably be an announcement of some sort like suggesting that there will be a disclosure of this information, but they are running short of time. I think many of us can feel them showing themselves...and soon

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