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There is no evil nor is there any good they are just labels. We are all an expression of the is-ness, a formless being. So when we see a form(Good or Bad) arise in our lives don't look at it and judge it. Accept what has come NOW, and from there a new set of paths will show themselves. When you lose touch with the Now the paths you could be taking aren't presenting themselves; because you are so possessed from the judging process you lose your connection to source(who you are), you become trapped in the situation.

Felt it needed to be said.

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Hi Joshua, it was a great reminder! thank you! love, light, mlp
Yess i agree with you!..the matter is that all of us influencing us internally just by mere fact of "facing" each other without`s like we have a mutual connection that produce in ourselves an internal response between all beings....So we should instead ask us internally why do we have this internal response and then manifaste them to others for acquiring better understanding on why this happened...Thank you for your enlightening words

Love and light

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