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Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? Where is God? Where is Love? Do you find these at your house? On vacation? During the weekend? After retirement? Perhaps these are found in books? On the Internet? Learned from a lecture? Taught in school? Found at church? Maybe in the next episode of your favorite TV show? Or the next level of a video game? People search everywhere for Love and happiness, except for one place and that's where they've been told to look over and over again. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Most people don't look within themselves because they believe they already know what's there. The think they've already found Love, so they rarely go looking outside of their box. Yet while most think they know Love, few claim to have found God. I got news for you, God is Love. If you don't understand this, you haven't found Real Love. This isn't something you intellectualize through outside observation, it's Realized through Inner Experience, because God is within you. What most people call Love is what their society calls Love, which isn't Love at all, but attachment. It's a trade, I'll love you if you love me, or more accurately, I'll need you if you need me. You can't trade Real Love, it's given Freely.

People have all sorts of illusions about what lies within them. Even when their experience proves otherwise, they still usually cling to their illusions and don't bother looking within. There's a name for these fantasies, for who people believe they are. It's called ego. Our society equates ego with self simply because society doesn't understand itself. Ego isn't self, ego is who people believe they are until they really look deep within themselves, then change occurs. When a person is in communion with the center of their Being, the ego has conveniently left the building.

A person must be in constant Oneness with their True Being to transcend the bonds of ego and this requires looking within yourself. It's not something you just do every once in a while. It's wonderful that you had that amazing mystical experience Thursday of last week, but if you aren't seeing the amazing events occurring right now, you're doing yourself a disfavor. It's taking two steps forward and one step back. Being in Spirit is a full time job, 24/7/365 multiplied multi-dimensionally. It's not something you do somethings, that's called spiritual ego. That's wanting Reality but not wanting to letting go of illusion. The two don't mix, you've got to let go to move forward.

Why do the flowers bloom? They understand Love. They have a passion for Life far greater than most of Humanity. The flowers understand themselves. They're completely enraptured by simply Being. No questions, doubts, worries, fears, their entire existence is the Joy of Being Present. Same with Everything else, the Present Moment is all there is. No “time” for a past or a future, Everything's already happening Now. It's not possible to experience anything else.

So if Love and God are all there is, why don't people experience that? It's because they haven't really looked within themselves, they're still searching outside. They make gods of everything but themselves. They're still in illusion and to break Free they have to do the one thing they really don't want to do, look at their illusions. The ego really doesn't want the Being to look within. The ego is scared to death that it's only an illusion. The ego is built upon lies and half-truths, if the Being really looked within, the ego would be toast. Looking within would require one to examine their beliefs, feels their emotions and face their fears. Most people don't want to look inside themselves because their greatest fears are that their love isn't Real Love, their happiness isn't Real Happiness and their life isn't Really Living. They're correct in this, and the greatest favor they can do themselves is discover this to be true. Then they'd change, then they'd go looking for Real Love, Happiness and Life.

God isn't outside of you. Neither is Joy, Peace or Freedom. You've been told this again and again, do you feel it? Constantly? If you aren't feelings these, immediately stop what you are doing. There's a problem here! Something within you requires your direct attention. Why are you still reading this? All your problems and all your solutions begin and end within you. If you feel something is out of place within you and then you direct your attention back to my words, you're only using my writing as a distraction. I only offer pointers, you have to do the work yourself. You aren't going to find Freedom in anything you read, you have to look within yourself.


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Cool read,

You brought up some important truths and points!


Very true...The question is how do we start? I feel like everyday I try to be truthful to my self and others. Sometimes I even feel guilty if I am happy and others are not! I feel like I am know what I want and what to do but don't know how to start or if I am already started the journey.
So simple, so true!
Thanks for that Will.

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