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If you’re asking the above question, you’re not going to get the answer because when you’re asking the question from outside, you’re rejecting the answer from inside, especially for this kind of questions – true and realistic answer can never came from outside BUT INSIDE OF YOUR HEART. This is why by nature, all human beings are entitled to equal rights for cosmic truth without going through any third parties, of which the truthfulness of those third parties’ information may be bound to their morality factors.

I had been written a lot, shared a lot, about the truth of humanity and the existence of aliens and UFOs, and how these impact our life; but, it seems like the more I write, the more skeptics I had created. This is the cumulative “karma” of humanity that their real answer need to be exchanged with the “crisis” that carries the same weight as their “effort of creation” through out their so call “civilization” – like one of my colleagues said: “the crisis is not serious enough for global awakening”.

In Buddhism, there is a quote:


It simply means: If I tell you the truth (that may be offending your ego state), you may accuse me for telling you nonsense; if I tell you about the possession inside me, that will never be (and can never be) your possession (unless you discover it yourself).

Again, you may tell yourself that alien disclosure is not a big deal and not your major concern in life (information that may impact your career and your family life, instead, is more crucial). This is why some people told me that: “Antonio, your blog is too long. I have no patient to read it until the end.” Why no patient? – because the contents of my blog is not the top priority in their life. So again, I will be back to the same answer: your inside has not yet opened for the truth from outside to awaken you; because, your truth is to live on top of the current social system created by the “elites”, that you believe may drive you to a better life – your social life has disconnected you from the root of the truth. This is like the 32-bit software applications running on top of 32-bit operating systems (e.g. 32-bit Windows Vista) can never aware and enjoy the real 64-bit hardware capability that is actually operating underneath them, e.g. the 32-bit Windows Vista that running on top of Intel Core 2 Duo processor with built-in 64-bit support. Why? Because the 32-bit Windows Vista (socialism) does not allow those applications (civilians) to use it. Therefore, software vendors (opportunists) began to build software that run on 32-bit OS. In other words, vendors built 32-bit applications was due to 32-bit OS that is dominating the market. When the users upgrade their OS to 64-bit OS (moving to the age of spiritual consciousness), supporting 8GB RAM, their existing 32-bit applications (the long lost civilians) still running at the speed of 32-bit (still unable to get out from the norm and awake), utilizing the maximum of 3.5GB out of the 8GB RAM. So? At that moment, the OS vendor (the ruling elites) will explain: “It is NOT my OS that is not supporting 64-bit hardware! It is their 32-bit applications that is not able to utilize the 64-bit hardware!” Means, the ruling elites will claim that it is not their fault of creating illusions to the humanity but it is the humanity that is not willing to awake and evolve! So humans, do you choose to continue to be fooled by the elites that you’re the 32-bit application (slave), or, you choose to admit that you’re the 64-bit application (highly evolved spiritual being) that is not suppose to run on 32-bit operating system?

However, when your inside has opened for the truth of life, you’re the truth by your own self without being informed by any external source. At this moment, you may further seek for additional instances of the truth that further affirm your inner truth but those additional instances of the truth should not be confused with the inner truth that you possessed through your inner awakening. For example, if somebody asks: “Antonio, without the external source, how the hell do you know that the Department of Homeland Security of U.S. was transporting the viruses via train?” So, the truth of this instance is that, evil kind of socialism, e.g. monetary system, needs to be supported by inevitable great evil act as the root of the cause. Lie will reveal by itself and the time and effort to reveal it depend on the time and effort that one has put in to create the lie. Therefore, the greater the lie, the greater the price to reveal it, e.g. massive human self-destruction for ultimate global aliens & UFOs disclosure.

Not yet get the answer? Great! You will, when you have became the answer to your own self. You WILL, one day.

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