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Hello friends ... I have wanted to write this for a couple of days now .... But I didn't know how to put it into words ... So, now, after much thought, I am finally writing what I think ...... i see everyone so pissed off these days .. almost everyone i know is so pissed off by the system that all they do is fret about everything .. all they ever talk because of this is in a negative way !! Maybe this is the Illuminati's plan, to try and stop us from ascending (i beleive they are telepathically controlling us or have put us in such a mind set that we don't have a choice but to fret and complain).... ?? Also, drugs are so readily available these days .... i mean, as i see it, almost all drug dealers even bribe the police so that they don't interfere in their business ... if one location where drugs are being sold is raided by the police, 3 more come up in its place ..... I am not against anyone who smokes drugs, even i used to smoke .. But, I can't understand what is happening now .... But I am really happy that i started listening to solfeggios and doing a bit of meditation while listening .. What else can I do to raise the positivity around me .. ?? And how can I help others .. ??

peace, love and light ...
.. Abhimanyu ..

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For raising your vibration i have you a few suggestions :

1. Do Exercise regurlaly. Like Jogging or walking
2. Drink a lot water everyday because as you are raising your vibration this is neccesary to clean your body of impurities.
3. Listen to music. Althought you may be thinking that your are listening to the solfeggio frequencies. A positive Music is always a good way to keep you in a positive state.
4. Eat healthy food.

Wel,l that`s is my advice for you, now you to have to apply it to yourself and tell others.

Love and Light


we cant do any other than fret about the system
]unfortunately we have bills & mortgages to pay.
this can only be done by making money, which means we have to work.
children to feed, cloth etc etc.
we are controlled by money & their is no way around it unless we lkive in tents & live off the land.
some of the things asked of us are unrealistic in the society we live in.
it all sounds a little too religious to me, i think we are all going down the wrong track, do this do that do the other.
unfortunately we cant, we have to live our lives the way we do to survive, its too easy for others to say change, maybe they dont have responsibilities & mouths to feed?
they say we will all ascend anyway, so why change?
yes it may quicken the process, but it wont change it.
i am personally pissed off by the misinformation we are keep being fed by the so called channelers, the answer dodging..
we all know the world is run by corrupt governments, we all know we need to change, but we are only a few hundred people, we cant change others opinions, we can only inform them what they are doing wrong, but 99% of them think we are nut cases & wouldnt listen anyway.
there needs to be a different way, and i feel the only way is for a show from the gfol, they need to state a date time etc and stick with it, help is needed now off this planet, and maybe 99% of the population need to see with their own eyes a new way, or they will never change.......
The road has been long and windy and there have been many pitfalls along the way, I was a victim of myself, of society, full of self pity but I am not anymore, I choose love over hate, light over dark and i have a CHOICE.

It is not what you do but your attitude to how you do it. We all live in the physical world with the constraints that that brings; pay bills, mortgages, raise children, education, health. I do believe that we CHOOSE our responses to every situation. For example, I can work as a waitress in a restaurant, now i can make this a drag or i can take this as an opportunity. I can go to work everyday angry or i can go with happiness, knowing i will have an opportunity to meet other people, new experiences and to share my love with other people.

my life example,many eons ago, I was working as a waitress, this was not what i wanted to do ( i had just finished studying media arts degree) but i didn't complain and one day a couple came into the restaurant and offered me a job in their film company because they liked the way i worked and my attention to detail. If you can't change the situation, change your attitude to it and you maybe rewarded in many different ways!

Life is a film and your the scriptwriter, if you don't like a scene, rub it out and write it again.

Much love to you all
I really appreciate all your comments .. thank you everyone ...
peace, love and light .. :)

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