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why do most people feed off misery? is this natural cos im about sick of the idea

if we all have different genitic ancestors or if we are all human where is this coming from? is it natural no,whatever you believe we're not supposed to enjoy watching others suffer its not our nature so the question is what is the root of this behavior,are we some of us just unevolved still operating out of the lower brain,have we been seduced by the materialistic dream or is there a negative frequency signal being broadcast causing us to behave this way but some choose to surrender to it and thus cannot be helped,i read somewhere that higher vibrational people MAY be affected by energys around them, ill tell you this for free i absolutley cannot be near people who feed off misery,misfortune,malice and meat,i have all these realisations and love for all humanity but when im confronted with the most in need of my strenght im drained by theyr single minded ignorance,roll on assencion ill take a one way ticket please NAMASTE

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There is a song called Schaudenfreude from this extremely rauchy musical called Avenue Q. And that song is about taking pleasure from other people's pain exactly.

I confess that I laugh when someone trips or something. Usually I cringe though, but other people's laughter is contagious for me.

It could be some behavior thing that we never evolved out of, or it could be that when we watch America's Funniest Videos they always show people getting seriously injured and there is that laughing in the background and we simply got trained to laugh in those situations... Wow long run on sentence xD

I really don't know.
uylesses was written without many full stops,think he was irish too {the writer!} i have felt that pull the pack instinct but i feed off love i actualy care more for animals cos people sometimes deserve it!!!!

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