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Hi all you enlightened ones…


I haven’t been too active lately on SoE….trying to get a grip on my fear vs non-fear base

Five sense reality.  It’s a constant challenge for me every day.  I’ve been reading lots of David Icke especially his last book “Human Race Get off Your Knees” (The Lion Sleeps No More) and it opens a lot of truth to what is happening as well as his spiritual side which is very enlightening.


With all this recent unrest happening around the world and especially the in the mideast with the NWO getting near the end game and planned destabilization to take control... I was wondering if any of you out there put your future plans on hold.  I know I did.....all that’s important for me now, is just being conscience of what's around me and traveling and maybe wake up few people out there.  I will go to Thailand in a few months to further detach my reality from the Matrix we are living in, and to take up Meditation retreats there.  Also, I’m also thinking of going to Peru.  They have excellent Ayahuasca Retreats for anyone thinking of opening up there conscience and channels a little more. I know you don't have to cross the world to do you can do this at home but I think it’s fruitless at this point in time to save for your retirement or plan to save money to buy a house. The recent protest in Wisconsin and the unions recently lost to the cabals and their minions is further proof of what's to come.  It’s just a matter of time now before they roll out taking the pensions away.  I would rather live with some kind of indigenous tribe somewhere in the deep forest than to live in a fear based society watching this all unfold before my very eyes. I’m so sick of it now; I totally feel we’ve been had.  Don’t want any part of it anymore! The frustrating part is seeing the Globalist accelerate their agenda and still nobody fighting the good cause for humanity.  Unless the good Aliens are waiting in a big cloud just before the shit hits the fan which a lot of people seem to think.    


I can say a very big thanks to some of you for introducing me to David Wilcock who gives me inspiration on giving hope that this will soon dissolve and the NWO will go down. I’m still having problems seeing this happen, but any light of hope is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  


“A thousand miles begins with a simple step”

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same here man, only time will tell i guess :(

If this is a pot of gold, dearest Dan, I don't know... but this vid from Bill Ryan  with Marcel Messing has brought me much peace and removed  the last piece of fear out of me (^L^)

What happen will happen, no matter where you are... it all comes down to the point that you are ready to totally consiousness of ALL There Is and achieve Oneness...

Good Luck on You Journey!


Yes, it does seem I've put my plans for the future on hold as feels like I'm waiting for something REALLY significant to happen until the end of next year, before I make any plans. I'm sure this is not the right thing to do (what if absolutely nothing significant happens? I ask myself everyday...) but this is how I feel, so I'm following my instincts.

I think it is great you are taking this time in Thailand and maybe Peru, to look inside yourself. I wish I could do the same. It's a bit harder when our lives are not 100% ours (having a family that depends on you). I'm very curious about the Ayahuasca/Santo Daime cerimony. 

Please come back and tell us of your experiences! Good luck Dan! :)

i here your peeps. Everyday i prey the world will change in some significant way. granted, there is lots happeing now and i think it is impossible and ignorant to deny that things are happening on this accelerated time towards 2012.

It is exciting, but in the mean time i am very stuck. Ive got no money, and no experience to get the job i want (not that i want to work, i want to be free), so i feel a bit screwed and pissed of that everyday isnt magic as i know it could be.

I live with my son 17 years old, on an income of 50 euros per week.
Tell me were the freedom is, and I will grab it with my two hands ...

Hi trudy....I agree with you that we are all slaves and have a hard time make ends meet.

But if you look at the people in Egypt and Tunisia they probably had less than you plus an iron grip authoritarian rule and they made it happen. We all have to grab it with all our hands if we want it. This is where freedom is my brother.

Trudy said:

I live with my son 17 years old, on an income of 50 euros per week.
Tell me were the freedom is, and I will grab it with my two hands ...
Hey trudy....thanks for the vid....I love to hear Bill Ryan and haven't heard this one yet especially with Marcel Messing.  Thanks for the advice.... sometimes we need to hear it from somebody else because nobody else will outside of SoE :) This is why I'm glad I'm here.  I think we all get lost sometimes....and need to hear somebody else to reaffirm this.

Trudy said:

If this is a pot of gold, dearest Dan, I don't know... but this vid from Bill Ryan  with Marcel Messing has brought me much peace and removed  the last piece of fear out of me (^L^)

What happen will happen, no matter where you are... it all comes down to the point that you are ready to totally consiousness of ALL There Is and achieve Oneness...

Good Luck on You Journey!


Hi Patricia...

The reason I wanted to touch on this subject, is because I like to know how much people here thinks, as well as being enlightened.  So thanks to all your much appreciated feedback.

First, I have to agree with all of you that we are all slaves to the Neo Cons, Globalist and most of us have difficulties trying to make ends meet... especially paying the bills at the end of the month. I too have difficulties and now I just worry about what I can change, not what I cannot change.  Especially Trudy telling me this....."what will happen will happen" so thanks Trudy.

At the same time, I have to somewhat disagree with some of you saying that "waiting for something to happen" or "I'm waiting to see what's going to happen" is the way to go.  Please don't take this as an attack on my part especially to Patrica and Simon ....just trying to make sense and looking at this from outside the box.

The reason I'm going to say this, is that we all have to learn and look at what is going on in the Mideast right now especially Egypt and Tunisia, because it's coming to a theater near you. Yes....its not if it's going to happen's when its going to happen here? There are two sides to this story; One... is the people are trying to break free from an authoritarian rule for a long time, fight for survival and the other one (Globalist) are trying to control the outcome and control their ressources under the pretext of humanitarian help (Problem, Reaction, Solution) without their knowledge or ours.  It's getting more stupid by the much more they think they can use this tactic on us before we wake up.  These dictators were put there by the same NeoCons and Banking Cartels and now they want to overthrow them for the same because they were not complacent to their wishes. What a great way to fool showing the population getting killed by their own army on T.V and now we are going to save them from the same evil that put them there in the first place under the pretext of humanitarian help.  Naturally the sheeple will go for the wolf in sheep skin as we are too dump down now or are we? I hope to think that the people there are really awaken and this will backfire on seems to work in Tunisia but Egypt will not be free as the people there now knows.  The people waiting to take control are the same people that started this scheme.


One real example we should all learn from is Tunisia really changing the country from an authoritarian to a democratic situation almost over night, and didn't stop until all the wolf in the sheep skins were thrown out. These people have succeeded because they didn't put their heads in the sand or wait for something to happen (P.S no pun intended my friends). Instead they reacted as one and this is why they made it change and they are free now. We should be doing this at this very moment, but we tend to think or hope that it's going to change at every turn of elections or let main stream media tell us everything is O.K. when its clearly not.  I'm sorry to say this, but I really believe we didn't suffer enough yet to want to make a change as the people in Tunisia or Egypt. We still hope, but now its beyond hoping if we don't act now....we will see this authoritarian rule sooner or later if we don't learn from the people there. 

I am not an advocate of violence or do I believe in using this to get what you want, but if we don't get together as one soon, its going to get harder to make a difference. One way is to stop being complacent is either stop paying bills day, taxes, march, or burn T.V. doesn't matter.  If 2 million people do this they cannot throw 2 million people in jail... end of the story. This is hard to do now, because they have studied human nature for centuries and they now know they have us divided and almost conquered now.


How much is it going to take before the people realize that the Federal Reserve, TSA, Homeland Security is all part of the agenda for enslaving us.  The big shock is why doesn't mainstream media cover these stories? The FR is refusing to tell the congress, especially the people where 9 trillion dollars went and simply vanished out of thin air.

All this is not to mention fluoride in our water, genetically modified foods, chemtrails polluting our resources, TSA and Homeland security trying to nuke us or put their hands down our pants and trying to destroy our freedom while playing (PRS) on every front. All this poison is not for nothing. They know by slowly culling us and dumbing us down they will succeed little by little. 


In closing....I am very awaken now and will never be the same person I was once knowing what I know now, be it bad or good. But I would rather take a bullet in the head trying to fight for my freedom as opposed to live in constant fear or being marched in a concentration camp waiting to see what's going to happen. This we should know by now and our history but unfortunately the U.S. kept the ugly ones for their safe keeping and is continuing their agenda....without most people realizing it.

We have to remember the holocaust and the people who died thinking this very thought...."they were waiting to see what was going to happen and to their horror they did".  I'm not one of them....


paTricia T. said:

I feel like I am listening to myself think here :o)  It seems pretty clear that what all of us are going through is a connecting experience.  We are trying to get a project going because we feel it may be one of the things that keeps us going. I am having a very difficult time getting things done because I feel like an emotional yoyo...moody...because I want to make progress yet I feel so hesitant because I am waiting to see what is happening.  In the meantime the out of budget shit keeps popping todays $115.  vet bill for Abby....the oven isn't working...$125 for my daughters field trip that she must attend for the credit...-30's heating bill...and it just goes on.  I am fighting so hard to hold on to the faith that we the people will make it through this transition. I do not think about being saved by aliens...nor do I have a religion. But I have my family and for me that is worth moving forward for...into an unknown future.  I am afraid...and I am excited.  But I am more afraid of things staying the way they are.   My plan is to take it easy until March 20th.   If nothing on a high alert or earth defying changes happen at that point...then I will let this feeling of anticipation go and view it as a programed experience...and give myself permission to let go of this. I don't know how else to deal with it.  So many species are dying on this planet...and so few take the time to notice.  

Have a wonderful journey Dan. I love Thailand.  I think you have very interesting choices...Thailand and Peru.  We would love to go to Peru...climb the ancient trail.  Good for you.  You must be very excited!  


I this is not about time but about being in the NOW. This is exactly what they want us to believe in time to make us forget about the most important thing....our conscientiousness and being as Oneness and not think beyond this.  History is wrong (the past) was all made up for us to think that we must believe in the lies they made for us. Religion is another diluted time loop, that is dividing us instead of getting us closer together so they can continue on.

ian said:

same here man, only time will tell i guess :(

Screw March 26 and let's make this happen now. I'm sure we can get a hundred members here on SoE start our own revolution.  This site can do much more than just talk about all this don't you agree?  We need to get together and start acting....I'm tired of waiting to see what's going to happen.  Let's make our political parties and make our own "Bohemian Grove Ritual" and maybe burn giant owls with Bush, or Obama face instead of the owls head.  Maybe this would generate enough media reports and maybe they could compare it to the real Bohemian Grove and get real coverage.  Oh well....just a dream I had.


Anybody else? 

paTricia T. said:

Awe I have to see what happens for March 26th and the Love Police's Revolution of screwing over the Zion empire. LOL...darn you Patrick....

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