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I keep hearing about those that are on the path to ascension and the timeline. I also listened to the latest eipsode of Saviors of Earth and Brad said that the conspirators that are trying to keep us back will be dealth with. What exactly does this mean? It seems everyone here is experiencing things like ESP and the higher vibrations. I have been trying to live my life with love and light everyday. I listen to the frequencies as much as I can and have not felt anything yet. I feel as if I am failing and will not ascend, but I must continue. What will happen to me?


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Thank you, Ullan. Your words really ring true. I do believe that kin souls seek each other out. It has happened to me many times before. I think this is why I found the 10-14-08 site to begin with too. It just all came together. Once again, thank you for all of your words and teachings. Very helpful to me.
Don't give in to that feeling of failure, as it is a negative feeling, a FEAR. Trust the path you have chosen. Every individual is here for his/her personal learning experience. As long as you let the love and light conquer in your heart, and try to listen to your inner spirit, or higher self as you wish, there is just no reason to doubt. And if you should have that question again, stand still for a moment. Listen to yourself. I am pretty confident you will get a warm feeling in your chest area. Let that be the sign that you are on the right path.
"Just" trust...
Accept & be good and loving twards yourself First and foremost,then extend that to others.David Wilcock sayes in order to be "good to go"(Ascension) we need only be slightly more Heart centered then ego centered.The Entry level he sayes is 51% Service to others 49% service to self.Check out his vids at Youtube,as well as Abraham Hicks(Esther Hicks)vids and channel at YT.Also YT users Magenta Pixie and JezebelDecible have great Ascension and Frequency solfege vids.Namaste.H88
Hi HR Pufinstuf

Thank you for starting this thread, for you have just proved that you are doing service to others. You have stated your worry about ascension that exactly mirrors mine. The replies have helped me so much to focus on what I can do on my own path while shedding some light in the gloom. I don't have ESP thats apparant yet or channel higher beings..yet and niether do I have to. Sometimes its the common touch that spreads a little love and light.

Some of my family and friends think I'm slightly off centre, but thats exactly where I should be.

I'm on the journey, some are way ahead of me and some trail behind and sadly some are still asleep. Perhaps you and I walk together.

much love

I posted the following info on another thread, it should give you a better insight into the issue. looking at the bigger picture of our solar system entering the High Energy Proton Band... the frequencies of our solar system have started to increase! This can be registered from the fact that the earth's core frequency referred to as the Schumman Frequency has been on the increase. Based on ancient tree ring patterns it has been at a steady average of 7.83Hz for over a 1000 years, but it has started to increase in the last 7 years and presently averages over 13Hz!! ... No one understands why this has been happening! ...

We as light workers, know this as Ascension!! Earth has already started its Ascension process and its time we start resonating at its increased frequency!

The problem here is that we as human species have a special gift! we have been given a choice! we can choose if we want to ascend or not! its all about choice and Free Will again! This opportunity comes to us every 26,000 years when we pass through the High Energy Proton Belt and the universe gives us (human species) a window (StarGate) to make a choice to ascend to a higher dimension along with the ascension of the Solar System... those who do not choose to increase their frequencies & ascend in the given time window... well their souls would need to be relocated to another system where the 3-dimensional frequencies are still pertinent and are evolving and wait till the time they have a window for a stargate to open.

Once Earth reaches the higher frequencies anything holding on to the lower frequencies cannot survive on the higher dimensional earth.

This could be a pretty blunt / frank way of putting it across... but we need to come to terms with it today or a few years down the line... this helps us in understanding why we need to show the light to the people who are yet to awake...

Thanks for all the great replies. I didn't get to respond to everyone as I did not go online this weekend. The responses to this have really helped me understand how this will work. I guess I am a bit hard on myself because I think I am not doing enough, but the encouragement from everyone here really helps. Even the little I can do will help :)
Hopefully others are still reading this as I do not want to post a new topic. I wonder if anyone else has thought about this. Understanding that we have free will, how many are willing to choose not to ascend so they can continue to work with those that are not ascending now?

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