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I keep hearing about those that are on the path to ascension and the timeline. I also listened to the latest eipsode of Saviors of Earth and Brad said that the conspirators that are trying to keep us back will be dealth with. What exactly does this mean? It seems everyone here is experiencing things like ESP and the higher vibrations. I have been trying to live my life with love and light everyday. I listen to the frequencies as much as I can and have not felt anything yet. I feel as if I am failing and will not ascend, but I must continue. What will happen to me?


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in this instant by being aware of this how could you worry,those who require the most HELP are gleefully ignorant of this info. or worse,choose to ignore it,those who delight in ignorance,not those on a path of learning,light is knowlege,dark is ignorance,if you needed HELP to ascend you be here asking this question,is that not proof you are ascending?
budda boy said:
in this instant by being aware of this how could you worry,those who require the most HELP are gleefully ignorant of this info. or worse,choose to ignore it,those who delight in ignorance,not those on a path of learning,light is knowlege,dark is ignorance,if you needed HELP to ascend you be here asking this question,is that not proof you are ascending?

I understand what you are saying, but I don't feel the other things like some of the other Lightworkers say they do. I don't feel vibrations, I don't feel any ESP developing, communicate with other beings, etc. I know that I have faith in love and light and this will lead me to becoming better and becoming one. I just don't know if I will ascend or ascend in time and if so what will happen to me? Will I get the chance to keep trying? And what about the others? I feel sad for my family and friends that don't care about any of this and don't want to know anything about it. What will happen to them? How can individuals ascend if we are all one? It has to be everyone or else it is segregation and that has problems if you think about it.
MIKE said:
Yes the fact that you are here and that you want to be part of the ascension process shows that you are ascending. You are not the only one who isn’t experiencing ESP or higher vibrations .The fact that you want to be part of ascension is the most important thing you are following your own path towards this goal and do not need to compare yourself with anyone else. You are indeed reaching a higher vibration wether you realise it or not.
Peace and light
That's comforting to know. Just wish I could feel it too :)
Peace and light
Solanum said:
Everyone is coming from their own particular place, with their own set of experiences and circumstances to overcome. Rather than pass judgement, why not help people?

I hope you don't mean I am passing judgement as I have been trying to tell my friends and family about this. I am trying to get it out there. I just wanted to know what happens to those that get left behind.
Spiritual Warrior of Love said:
Maybe you`re just not fully ready to ascend quite yet?

try to forget all these meaningless earthly things which soround you and concentrate on the oneness of the universe.

but really, you have nothing to worry about it. look for it and it will find you.

I try to forget it, but it's hard when you don't know about your friends and family too.
Solanum said:
I can't see people "gleefully" ignoring things. Coming to any conclusion about anyone elses position or progress is just creating a little hole for the Ego to worm its way into. When you separate light and dark, knowledge and ignorance, that's dualistic thinking.
gleefully ignorant,as in too distracted to notice or choose to ignore,big difference! yes it is dualistic as light and dark both have purpose and place but very different paths to the same place and from it
Walk with eyes open.

This might seem like strangely simple advice, but it may be harder than it sounds. When relaxing, when focused, when thinking about these things, it is easy to see what we should be doing and how we feel we should be doing it. And then we get up and walk out the door.

We go to work. We go to school. We ride that same train or get stuck in the same traffic. And slowly that question may creep upon us 'Why doesn't anything ever change?'. It is easy to forget what we have taught ourselves while we were relaxed or focused, but once returned to direct contact with the conditioning we've been exposed to all our lives, doubt is the first thing to return.

Accept that what you see and experience is reality as it exists for you now. It can change, it must change and it shall change. But there is no great tour de force that you can unleash upon this reality to instantly blink it anew. Because reality, as you experience it, is a reflection of your inner self. How you react to something is far more important than what it is exactly that is happening to you. This is one of the lessons of Bashar, and one that has had a profound impact in my life. Accept that unpleasantness, strange occurances, irrational people, negativity, despondence and even doubt and fear will all be part of your reality, since how can you choose not to experience what you do not know. By know, I mean understand. It's easy to say that you know fear and doubt, but do you understand it truly? Do you know how if affects you, how it makes you react? By mastering all facets of negativity can we begin to understand the many facets of light.

Only those who have spent their lives in a dark room truly appreciate the bright light of a single candle.

What will happen to those who perpetuate dark? Love them, with all your heart, if you can manage love them even more than you love those you feel are spreading light. As I said before, those who are deepest in dark, those who wallow in it and see it as the only way of life... they are the ones who need our help the most.

Bring not a candle to a well lit room, take it to the shadow in the closet.

You would be surprised how many philosophical and religious texts say exactly this in their own ways. That is because all have the same root, all are intended to spread light.

Be of light. Strive, every day, to keep a smile on your face. Center your emotions and succumb to neither extreme. Ultimately, you should be able to keep a smile while someone is wishing various unpleasantries on you while yelling in your face, while equally with a simple smile accept both the gratitude of a fellow being and the jackpot of the lottery.

It's hard to do. But every time you think something negative about anyone, try to immediately thing of something positive as well. Do this for people you know well, people you work with, people you go to school with, as well as for those people you pass by on your way to elsewhere, and those people who annoy you on the bus.

All are One, One is All.

But far more importantly, this you should understand and remember: relax. Every problem, every challenge, can be resolved while keeping calm. And since ascension is a path rather than a destination, it is pointless to strive for the end. There are simply too many good bits in between. :-)

But I think this is a problem. Our problem. We have to get the word out there and spread the love and light. We can't sit here trying to look at ourselves when we as a race, universe, etc are ONE. That is why I say in order for one to ascend, all must ascend. It is not about judging others but helping them and in essence ourselves.
All are One. And all have a choice.

Understand that you cannot cause another to ascend if they themselves are not ready. It is their own path they walk, and it can be hard to be a simple observer and see someone you love move in a different direction, know that they are doing what they choose to do.

All have a choice.

If this were not so, there would be no free will. Were there no free will, there could be no ascension, as nobody would be able to make the conscious choices required to change their lives towards the light.

All have a choice, all will ascend... eventually.

As for what happens to those who do not ascend when you yourself do? Well, think about this: we are, at the moment, being helped to ascend by others. What would stop you to, in time, help others to ascend when they are ready, from a different and ascended perspective?

For us to understand light and love, we must also understand darkness. Fear of loss is a strong emotion, and an entirely normal one. Nobody here is able to judge anyone else for feeling afraid they will lose someone come ascension.

I, for one, am still trying to let go of that fear myself.
Wow, thank you Ullan. Really good points. So even when we ascend we are still connected and can help those that have chosen not to. This makes me happy. What you say is free will is true. We have to have a choice to even get to this point where one can ascend.
Good rules to follow: This is will do the job..


First Law:
"The true student of Life begins by studying himself"

Second Law:
"The true Light illuminates or blinds, according to the student's attitude."

Third Law:
"The true soldier of the Light battles loving the enemy."

Fourth Law:
"The true protection lies in controlling inner fear."

Fifth Law:
"The true Teacher teaches with his or her example."

Sixth Law:
"The true messenger is he who only transmits the message."

Seventh Law:
"The true faith is sustained in knowledge."

Eight Law:
"The sacred doctrine becomes even more sacred if one's life is lived in accordance with it."

Ninth Law:
"The true temple is that which is built upon feelings, thoughts and attitudes."

Tenth Law:
The true mystic is he or she who practices the principles of Heaven and who is constantly dying to love his or her neighbor."


P.D.: Plus meditate - ask yourself - who am I?
keep asking in the meditation : who am I..and you will get your cosmic name then use it to virbrate high..
Dear H.R. Puffnstuf.

Someone once told me, and it seemed almost ludicrous to me at that time, that souls who seek one another will always find one another. Many things have happened since then, and now I can only conclude this person was right.

To love is to guide and to teach, but also to let go if the lessons harm the student. Though I live by different laws than the Decadron Zimlaur describes, I find the wisdom contained within most apt, and refer you to the second of these ten laws.

The true light illuminates or blinds, according to the student.

We cannot force anyone to be ready when they are not. This would deny free will, and do far more harm than it would aid in the student's enlightenment. All we can do, hard though it may seem at times, is to show unconditional love, and guide by example.

Those who are ready will follow.

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