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Pics! 3 Days Of Darkness Approaching? What’s Now Happening To Our Sun?
Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:53
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What is going on with the sun? This extremely interesting forum thread has pointed out something amazing that is now happening to our sun that no one can seem to explain. It seems to be going dark! Have no fear, whatever it is that is now happening to our sun can also be investigated by you, right now, here, from NASA’s own Stereo Behind HI1. To search out these images yourself to verify that these indeed are legit NASA images and not photo shopped, simply go to the NASA Stereo website located at, select telescope Behind HI1, select the date span December 17th, 2012 to December 20th, 2012, screen resolution 512X512 and then hit the search button, you’ll find the exact same images below. You can go further back, too, to verify this approaching ‘darkness’ is new.

Question though, what is it? You can clearly see the difference between the pictures of the sun between 12-17 and 12-20. Will the dark rift on 12-21-2012 be even more pronounced? What is the blackness? Is this the approaching 3 days of darkness? As the ‘End of the Mayan Calendar’ is upon us, is this the ‘event’ it describes? What is ‘behind’ the sun that Stereo Behind is giving us a glimpse of? I’ve shared one picture from each day, more at NASA. You can see that ‘the blackness’ continues to expand towards Earth. Is this the proverbial ’3 Days of Darkness’? The video at the bottom shares one interesting ‘Nibiru’ theory from George Kavassilas. Please share your thoughts below.

Take notice of this picture from December 17th below. Everything looks quite normal with our stereo behind sun picture. What is going on? I’d love to know what the experts think! 

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Anyway :)
Happy Dec 21,2012.  Wishing You All the best ,my beloved Light-friends.
....NAMASTE and much love :) .

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