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Who's Nancy? What did Nancy do? Why did Nancy do it?
She's a perfect expression of source, as we all are. Where she is on her path is exactly where she is required to be for divine experience. Our experiences are not our own, they are of the Divine Oneness of us all. We tread on thin ice with our egos pushing us along. As one our experience is joy & love and that is our destination. Forever the freedom we are seeking is found only it that. To put blame on any individual again puts that freedom at risk and traps us within the walls of our ego, of duality. Our journey is together through the binding love of the universe. Forgive that you have steped off the path Love is the answer and must remain as such. None will deviate from the ultimate light.that flows through us all as one you are so loved all of you eachfeel and trustbe joyeous in each other and live for each otherbe as onethis is the time to see the reflection of you in all. be at peace loved ones and reflectthe truth of who you are.

Okay. this is me again. I just channeled that latter half of that message. I have no idea who it was that came through except that it was of the highest light and love that I have ever felt.

Take it for what you will and perhaps you will feel the energy from which it was written.

Bless you all with much radiant love

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Good work danica. :) Is this your first channeling?
I channeld a bit on my first lesson from clinton, this is my second :)

Jure said:
Good work danica. :) Is this your first channeling?
for sure the second we see anything as good or bad, we are playing the ego's game again.

i'd even go as far to say that publicly outing clinton was immature for brad to do, and i hope he can see that. we need to SUPPORT all of our members as we would ANYONE. even nancy, i hope she can see that there is much more to this than "esp" and "the supernatural" and that there IS a movement of love that transcends religion that is visible here, but is erupting EVERYWHERE! this website is one manifestation of a human movement. we aren't leading this by any means, but its neat we can have a community to discuss it.

Cmon clinton it can happen to anyone. Soo stop crying and stand up like a man :) I know and others too know that u were channeling form your hearth because i can see it u are a good person and u have done alot to help us. Soo thank you very much clintone :)

Love & light

By jure
Dear Clinton,
You feel how you feel. Personally I think there's way to much pressure put on channlers, always being held accountable for their messages. The message is the message... plain and simple and the experience is for all in how they want to experience it. Don't take it personally. You always expressed the feeling of oneness you have with channeling. Let it to continue to flow like that. All is well as they say :)

love and kindness

Clinton Doherty said:
crying crying crying..... im feeling so sad I just wanna leave this place....sorry guys soorrry .. everrything that came through is truth only if you could understand how it is transmitted... out of unconditional love..... peace clinton

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