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WHAT IS YOUR PREDICTIONS FOR 2O11?Lets see who has insite into the future.

I will take and say we will see many secrets exposed that will start a war within the banking empires all over who is entit6led to rule the empire that will make the other Elitist in reality a slave lol. Beginning in March there will be undeniable close up ufo sightings every where and July and August the people will wake up massively to the 911 truth September will see the same awakening within the military and a anger will rip through the military and the word will be screaming for Real JUSTICE  for those who had any part of the 911 crimes, including those who helped  try to cover op this huge sinister crime. Justice will be what law enforcement is all about agin..  In October we will see the end of the chemtrails and there will be a bunch of volcanic activity alomg with earthquake activity .towards the end of November a major invemtion will surface that will change humanities destiny for the good of all...A special session of congress will disband all of the SECRET BLACK OP AND CIA Activities and will only exist in history books that will tell the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH ..The early part of DECEMBER we will see a brand new monetary system that will come into existance along with programs that will alow start up revenue for employee owned manufacturing . Small home buisneses will get the same grant start up funding .The same type grants for small mini farms 1 to 2 acres will sprout up every where with funds that would fit any and all  start up programs that would give employee owned special incentives  for growing organic food . This prediction could happen with a whole lot of dream manifestation in the works LoL  

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Nice predictions Jim with some dream manifestation yes anything is possible :P but i think i better start preparing for PT's predictions. they could be painful lol... :P or... blissful :) xo

That sounds great, lets make it happen, the worst we can do is nothing. I was left no choice, but to get off my ass. brothers and sisters will you wait till its too late? Stand up for your rights. This doesnt mean to use violence, it means to use you witts. The only one you can truly depend on is your self. So if you want change, then live it. For now, all I can predict is my own future. I predict that im going to blow the lid on department of human services and their nazi style policy, sue their ass for a million dollars so it will get the attention of the public, return the favor to one that has helped us so much, then  fix our home and land to be self sustaning, make accomodations to help other people and their famlies. This money would be properly use, im not a greedy person, other wise I wouldnt be living in a shed with a dirt floor. This nazi style government has served its purpose, now its time is over.



thank you Jim

it has to be

I predict that the New Madrid fault line 'event' will happen either on, or around The Vernal equinox (March 20th) or Beltaine mid-point May 5th 2011. The summer solstice falls on June 21st.
And I just know somebody's going to say 'be careful what you wish for', so I say it first.

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