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what is it?

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To me unconditional love is seeing beyond all those things we are not. Seeing beyond our beliefs & perceptions to the Divine Soul that lies in wait to be recognised as the Beautiful Spirit it is!
I agree with Dana! It is the fact that we accept what all of us are here to experience without judgement.
To love yourself, and everyone else without judgment or exception.
unconditional love? its like love for your child i feel. They fall down, you pick them up, dust them off and prepare them for the next stage in life. They mess up, make mistakes, dissapoint us, but we still love them right? We are still there every time they utter a word of need.

Unconditional love is just..... love.......... with no boundaries, love with no reason, love with no...conditions. love with no expectation, greed or jealousy.

Thats my idea of unconditional love.

i send you all a hug
I agree with kerrie... I think people have been missunderstanding the message and nature of God... God is what we should call unconditional love... we all come from it and that is what we search through our lives.
A good example of unconditional love is mother earth. The way she constantly gives to us no matter what. the flowers grow, the plants grow, the fruit trees give to us the fruit each year.
You are Unconditional Love, every soul is love. That's who you are, it's not an emotion or thought.

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