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What is truth? There are different kinds of truth Universal and personal. Universal truths are the ones that pertain to everyone, such as that we are all connected to everything within creation. Personal truths speak to us at the level that we are on within our spiritual development. This is why it's impossible to judge another persons truth.

Understanding and wisdom occur at a personal level first so that we can embrace them and apply them to our daily lives. Once we've integrated these truths into our being we can then move forward to our next experience of truth. When someone has not learned to apply a truth into their lives then that's when they turn into beliefs and they attach themselves to them.

This is why we see so many that must defend these beliefs over and over again, and they will continue to do so until they put them into practice within their own lives and are able to move forward. Each one of us need to pay very close attention to our conversations and discussions with others. For each person is a mirror and we are talking to ourselves. Our true being steps in and shows us what we need to learn through these interactions with others. This occurs to everyone within creation, if you have a physical body then you are still in this process and need to pay attention to our interactions with each other.

Try and see every interaction as an experience for growth. The words spoken by another merely allow you to access the wisdom within self to help you move forward. This is why there are no real teachers, for we each act as a teacher to another when we agree to mirror another to help them with their development. Those of us whom seek to "help" another in any way are really crying out for help themselves. Their true being needs these interactions to grow but far too often we don't get the message. This is why we find ourselves arguing and defending ourselves over and over again. It will continue in this manner until we learn what we need to and integrate these truths into our lives.

This can be painful because we believe that we are really pointing out flaws within others, when really we are seeing our own flaws. Other people jump into a conversation to be our mirrors and allow us to work through those issues within ourselves. This is why we shouldn't attack another person or put them down, for they chose to be your mirror to help you. Instead of attacking them, see them for what they really are and thank them for helping you with your process. It's time to acknowledge each other as a divine expression of the all. Remember that as long as you are here within the physical you still have something to learn. Never think that your journey is over, for each ending is a new beginning and the wheel of life and creation never ceases to turn.

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turth is simple - truth is love
Mother God,

Lol...even if I am not there..I.just remember not one of us here upon this planet or any other are separate. We are connected at all moments and within everything we do. Realizing personal truths have helped me understand things better, now to place them into practice....and realize we are all one, in the end nothing else matters.

Lol...I will not strike back against you my dear. If you had read what I commented upon indigo society then you would understand. Though I guess you do not, which is fine by me. I am not here to make you understand I am here to share what I have experienced as's as simple as that. You do not know what I have experienced my dear, please do not assume to know.
Much love through the unity of one,
Everything is truth... everything is source

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