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Yesterday i was at a party, it may sound like i had too much to drink, but it was only sips of alcohol, i dont think it was a lot.

But anyways, i started getting light headed and disorientated. I went stumbling to the nearest seats, and suddenly my sight started to change. the world became all black, however, other human beings looked like moving sparks of light blue static. it was calm inside of me but i had to consciously maintain my balance coz i couldnt feel gravity and direction. My eyes were open but they were not seeing. I was fully conscious but in 'another place'.

I knew which buzzing of light blue static were my friends, and i knew where to move in order not to fall onto another human being. I dont know if thats what happens when you're drunk, but in that 'place' i saw other humans as a shapeless blue fire of moving static. I felt totally back to normal after sitting down for 10 minutes.

What was it that i experienced? it was so surreal.

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high on drugs ...
a mystical experience ...
blood pressure breakdown ...

it was hot had u eated before start drinking ?

last time i saw everything black i was in alchoolic coma ... hihi ... :P
haha maybe i was in between an alcoholic coma and reality.
nope, no drugs, the place was fine
yeah brad, thanks for your message. i think you got close to the actual thing. i felt it was an overlay too. i was conscious of two worlds happening at the same time. i think there was a disruption in transmission, much like a untuned TV set temporarily showing parts of two channels at the same time...buzzing & static. it felt calm and unpleasant at the same time

yeah my automatic writings have said 'ive learnt the way to see other worlds of another material' and theyve 'given their blessings for another weird meeting with your inner world of another matter' hahahah that'll be great! i just hope it doesnt happen in a place full of people again...what if i fall and land on a hottie?? LOL
What did you drink btw ;P ?
whatever u drank,gimme some of that :))
okay now i know... thanks brad, that was very enlightening.
i had a few sips of jacobs creek chardonnay
and a few sips from my vodka mix
didnt even amount to half a whisky glass of alcohol. i think i'll try it again in the comfort of my own home.
hahahah enjoy!
nice experience Reb,you keep on drinking girl,just kidding.:):):)
..I had also my experience ( existing in ''another place'') ..long time back , giving blood I passed out.was so real.
.............You really exist forever I have had my experience.
ive beenhaving an unpleasant feeling ever since i woke up this morning and yesterday morning.
its like morning sickness, but it cant be possible because im gay. hehe
im feeling very tired right now, havent done any work. but im just gonna embrace the sickly feelings and tide it out.

i think everybody's bodies are slowly changing. getting more sensitive to energies. well, hope when the predicted july 7th CMES reach earth, we'd be ok...

although if suddenly after that day, im able to see people's auras and feel their thoughts, i would really love it!

Simone said:
Interesting Reb, I don't drink alcohol, but a friend of mine who also does not drink was 'designated driver' for a group of her friends and told me how she thought that the drinks were extra strong, because her friends only had two drinks and got blasted. I wonder if it has anything to do with the energies being stronger and the alcohol affecting people more strongly lately... just a thought. I've been feeling a little 'vertigo' on occasion and someone else I know has been experiencing the same thing... stomach issues (ill feeling in your stomach, like a pregnancy, but you're not pregnant). Lots of 'deja vu' feelings and light-headedness, as though I'm a little 'tipsy' (joyful and wacky feeling/ very emotional, forgetful and 'airheadish' ... There have been a couple of other posts about people feeling 'out of sorts' on this forum too. Very strange

thanks for sharing.
LOL i just did a spot of taichi just now
and the sickly, lethargic feelings just melted down, theyre still there but its become much more bearable, i can do my work now :)

haha and to think i blogged about qigong as a cure for flu not too long ago. i think with all these planetary and human body changes, there would be some etheric, energetic disruption somewhere, and doing some taichi or qigong will help it move along better.

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