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Okay, this is heavy.

I found out this weekend that my wife and mother of my 4 year old is cheating on me. I am 95% certain.

Now I recall some talk about "shedding baggage". but quite frankly if it hurts this much, I cannot do this.

Don't know where to go from here.

Any advice, or whatever would be welcome right now.

Thanks for taking the time.


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well I am truly appologetic that happened to you my friend I have been there done that allready and this won't be the only positive message that I can give to you today, but if you as you would say must only be 100% sure that it's happened then by all means leave. It will be only the pain that you give yourself if you stay as once a cheater allways a cheater love that you found out the truth as it's allways hard the first time 2nd or 3rd time but that someone has broken your heart but not your spirit as it's only the physical aspect that's holding you back as you need to love yourself more after this if it's trully true that she has been cheating. This has happened to me and I learned the hard way but only you can make yourself happy by keeping positive and service to self and love yourself as you will be blessed by the unconditional love for your child and in return as usual what you put out you get right back.
OOh ... Sorry to hear Dean!! But I agree with Stormnation 100%. A cheater ..regardless if they apolagize and what not..will always.." re-offend" ..Some one close to me had to finally break it off with his girlfriend because every 6 or so months just like clock work she would cheat.... And finally after he got his heart broke 6-7 times he finally left her. Im sorry, there are a lot of great gals out there..Im sorry that the mother of your child wasn't what you deserved out of a woman!! Do what you feel is right..i just don't want to see you get hurt more than you already have.

Lots of Love to you!!!
Dear Brother, in matters such as the heart, remember a great master advised us not to cast pearls before swine. This means that we should not put in front of people things that they don't appreciate the value of. In other words if a partner lies and cheats behind your back is she/he deserving of your devotion ? And do you de-value yourself if you forgive this continuing behaviour ?
Dear Dean:

I have been nurturing my own broken heart as of late and can relate to your pain. Read my blog on my page called "Broken Hearted." One thing that helped me recently was to visit a friend who became very connected to source energy after a near death experience. She told me that my wife and I had Karma to clear from a former life in which there was a situation in which we made bad choices. We just didn't get it. She told me that we agreed to come back together in this life and we have cleared the karma. This time we are done now, we have fulfilled the contract, and that is why she is pulling away. She told me that though it is painful now on this level, we will both be happier, in the long run, apart. I don't know if this helps or not, but I think the reasons for things often has a spiritual or higher soul involvement we are unaware of presently. My you fine the peace and the Love you seek.

I've been cheated on before, in the worst possible ways you could imagine. Its just something your going to have to get through, take the responsible calm approach is my recomendation. Don't let them see you hurt. This is their choice, it has nothing directly to do with you. Everything can be worked out. Don't feel like shes making a fool of you or you will be made a fool of. The worst thing I think about being cheated on, is you believe your being made fun of, just remember your a strong person, you have everything you need. Love your child, love yourself, and if you have to, leave this person that seemingly doesn't love you the way you need to be loved.
Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts guys, I really appreciate them.
Tough time. Trying to work my way through it but finding it hard to connect with my higher-self and even meditation has dropped away as I am pre-occupied with this on-going situation, which seems like it is never ending. I need to find closure of some sort but am confused as to the right path to take. I will keep you all in the loop.

thanks, again

Sending love! Normally, a person will make major changes during ascension. The further you go, the more major changes you will make. This can mean leaving a spouse whose vibration gets increasingly further from your own, or changing jobs, or living environments- all for the same reason. Does this mean you have to leave your wife? No it doesn't. What does her vibration feel like to you? Is there hope that she may ascend?

You will have to make a decision about what cheating means to you. Right now, you feel hurt - I've been there and I know what it feels like to be cheated on and lied to about it. We're all raised viewing cheating as an end to a relationship, but like besimi said, some relationships can work with cheating involved- if all people involved don't view it as a hurt and can come to an agreement about what's okay. Its all viewpoint. You ultimately choose what you will or won't be hurt by in the future. I know it doesn't feel like that right now, that you feel the victim, but now that you know, you know what to expect in the future and it becomes a choice. These relationships can work, but they can also be more complicated, and even more risky, than a monogamous relationship. Its for you to choose which way you'd like it to be. (I did wind up leaving my cheater, but not for the cheating, there were differences in vibration, and he tended towards abuse, and that was what proved impossible to overcome.)

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