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Hello all I have decided to start to look into somethings I have learned in O.B.E's so I would be very great full for any one willing to give some insight

To know more about what is going on with my life please refer to my previous blogs titled "my crazy life" you can find the URL for part 2 here and thought that you can link back to part 1.

Also a special thanks to all you have read my post, (judging form comments left that make 2 of you so I don't think I will be posting more about my crazy life unless I get more feed back)

Any way please read about the OBE in part 1 and comment on what I might actually be, thank you all for your time

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you are exactly what you need to be,you are being shown exactly what you need to be shown,to put you exactly where you need to be,exactly when you need to be there,all my life ive known this,it comforts me in my darkest moments, and brings tears of joy in my brightest
ParadigmShift said:
You're....a confused human?

Don't worry there's about 6 billion out there just like us. (btw I find your posts to be more interesting than most other people's posts about their lives, I think I even commented one of them)

thank you I'm glad to be of at least a marginal amount of entertainment value for some, finally peace knowing that i have achieved something out of all the confusion in my life.

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