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Anyone who has been at SOE for a long time, knows that Mariell and I
fell in love back in November of 2008,when SOE was in its infancy. We
were fortunate to find each other on this big blue planet through
Saviors of Earth and Galactic Affairs. We were both searching for the
same things in our spiritual and UFO research.

Well, we fell in love on the internet, and realized some day we had to make this a
reality. She lives in Bucharest, Romania, and I in Florida, USA. For
almost a year and a half, we had to share our love through the internet,
and through a webcam. Those circumstances can be very trying, indeed.
As you can only love each other through a pane of glass.

For a year i planned my trip to Bucharest, and arrived there a few days ago. I
sit at Mariell's laptop writing this, her next to me, me at her desk.
We have been in love like children, hopping all over the city, enjoying
all the things we have desired for over a year. The next steps for us
are to get married and me obtaining residency here in Romania.

The way her and I met makes me believe in fate. The synchronicity between
us is beyond words. For two souls to find each other (or rejoin, as her
and I believe) through the power of the internet proves to me that two
flames can always find each other in a world of darkness. :))

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Congrats guys! that's wonderful news! I'm very happy for you two, and my best wishes to you both :)
I had no idea!!!
What a wonderful story! I have goose bumps!!!
I wish you both all the happiness in the world, from the bottom of my heart!
LOTS of love & light
What a wonderful story. I am very happy for the two of you. Lightworkers in love is nice.
It's about time PA & Mariell wish you both Love & Happiness. Love & Light Always
congrats guys.. I wish you both the best and let your love last for ever.
light and love
aweeeee... You two are soo cute! that is awesome that you found each other, and turned it into a reality! All you need is love! ;o)
So touching!! Love to you both on your new journey together!
What a wonderful thing to read

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