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Upsy Daisy was one of our original admins, who due to personal circumstances gave up the position. She recently approached me asking if she could pick up her former role. I was more than happy to accept.

Upsy, thank you for the offer and welcome back as an admin of SoE.

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Thanks Tony ;o)
welcome back upsy :D
Hey Daisy, we are happy for you! :D,
hehe.thanks guys..I am glad to have your support! and no worries paTricia..i wouldn't have taken it any other way!! ;o)


Sweet girl You Daisy :):):).
..wondeful indeed. Welcome back pretty.
thanks besimi <3
Congrats! Welcome back to the council. :) xoxo
omt spanks xoxoxo
Welcome back Upsy Daisy! :)
Welcome Back Upsy Daisy glad to see you wRM SMILING Face again.
Go Girl ~*L*~

Your presence brings us a peacefull moments :)))
Oooooooooooooooooo Trudy ..that is beautiful!! I love that pic!!! awesome!
And thank you to everyone.. your support is hugely appreciated

Love you all.

Trudy said:
Go Girl ~*L*~

Your presence brings us a peacefull moments :)))

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