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hello every one (I'm talking to my self since there are no menders) I would like to invite people to join and even spirits to join too. If you can channel and you have a spirit that you speak with they are welcome to make account's, leave post in discussions, start their own discussions, and do just about anything else.

I haven't got a lot of material ready to post as of now but I defiantly will get some discussions started in the very near future so make your selves at home.

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Well just to let you know Zack is here too just waiting for you to post some interesting stuff! He could make a page here at SOE but he is busy over at Zack spirit guide and just sits with me when i get on line at SOE...just to keep brad in line you know. So he is for shure right here.
is it possible , that gost, spirits or whatever you call them, can comunicate by the internet ??
well yes they can if you channel them, i mean come on think about it, is automatic typing that much of a turn of form automatic wriitng? and if you can hear them they can simply just tell you what they would like them to type. However most spirits don't typically worry about p.c.s and websites that much........


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