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Master Hilarion

October 18 – 25, 2009
Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I come to speak to you about the energies once again. There is a great cleansing occurring and there are many who have pretended to be of the Light who are finding themselves being exposed for who they really are. These are the agents that could be termed ‘double agents’. We ask you, Beloved Lightworkers, to become very discerning about whom you give your energy and attention to. It is by their works that you shall know those who are not who they present themselves as, even to the extent of offering advanced services to the Lightworkers in terms of initiations and activations.

Those who are offering their services to truly help Lightworkers and Awakening One’s, have a High energy emanating from them, and this is a palpable energy even when you visit their websites. This is the energy of a highest vibration which is Love. You will instantly feel this Love within your heart chakra and know that you are in the presence of one of the transformed Ones. One who walked through the Spiritual fires of trial and tribulation and emerged shining and purified, having overcome all of their tests and initiations. These were set up many ages ago as a way to ensure that only those of the purest intention and character could have access to the most arcane knowledge that required these attributes.

Each of you has been walking this Path of Light. The important initiations occur on the Inner Planes and most of you do not remember the ceremonies that you partook in. Walking the Path of Light requires absolute integrity, honesty, honor and the clarity of truth. These initiations become progressively more refined as you continue successfully on your Path of Light. Those who are High Initiates know that great self discipline and restraint is involved, it requires opening Oneself up to unwavering scrutiny of Self, to purify all aspects of duality and lower vibrational thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds. It requires letting go of the eating of flesh in most cases, it requires taking on a more purified diet, drinking pure, clean water and breathing techniques.

These requirements have been somewhat modified because there are so many of you now incarnated upon the Earth. Many of you still consume foods that have no life force energy in them at all which includes most of today’s packaged products. Anything that is not fresh from the vine or branch, has already lost a great deal of its life force. We see many more of you in future years understanding the need to expect high life force energy in every food that you consume, so this will be changing the way that food is prepared for your consumption. The desire for processed foods of no food value will fall away and as a consequence of this, the health of all individuals will be improved tremendously.

Do try to become aware of what you ingest into your bodies, for your body is your Temple, a sacred vessel that houses your Great I AM Presence and is the instrument that manifests this Presence upon this World. As you cleanse and purify your physical bodies, the World around you becomes more pristine and healthy. We see that when enough of Humanity chooses to stop the eating of meat, the air will be cleaner and the energies in the Earth’s atmosphere will be Lighter. When the respect for all of Creation is honored, the Earth will indeed be a better place. As the body Temples are kept purified, so too, the emotions of joy and equilibrium become the norm for each Soul who walks the Earth. So you can see, Beloved Ones, there is still much work to be done.

Those of you who heed these words will find the Ascension process much easier to deal with, for there will be less dross taking away your higher energy in order to keep your physical bodies in a balanced state. A truly healthy body is a joy to manifest in. A truly healthy body permits all the Highest vibrations to flow through unencumbered in any way and so there will be great and inspiring creations, poetry, art, sculpture, in many modalties that will come forth from Humanity, who will joyfully express their talents and abilities as their contribution of energy exchange. The enjoyment of these creations by your fellows will be the energy exchange that they give in return. Can you fathom such a World? That is what will eventually transpire for each of you. All of your efforts at this time will be worth it, Dear Ones.

Try to imagine such a World and spend some time each day visualizing a World where everyone is doing that which gives them joy and happiness each and every day, a World where one does not have to rush off in heavy traffic to work for eight hours and then slowly find their way home through heavy traffic, in order to make payments on a house and property that you cannot even enjoy because of being too busy in the striving for it to truly do what you love. This will change, Dear Ones, there will be a different way, a better way, and you it is who is creating this now.

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Madelaine, I have fully awakened. thank you for Your help along the way. You are BEAUTIFUL, YOU LIGHT BEING! Love, Virginia


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