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We wish only to mention that which will enhance your vibration, not that which will lower it. For is that not what we teach? To keep ones thoughts only of Love.~The Federation of Light~7th Sep.2010


We wish only to mention that which will enhance your vibration, not that which will lower it. For is that not what we teach? To keep ones thoughts only of Love.


7th September 2010 ~The Federation of Light~


Good afternoon to you! Well it seems people enjoyed your ‘chair activation’. Each experiencing their own thing, yet a few had the same theme of steering a vessel by the amount of pressure put on either hand. Interesting! … Are you there? I don’t feel anything coming into my head from you?


Yes we are indeed within your ‘hearing range’ although you are feeling as if our link is of a weak one. It is actually quite the opposite as we are preparing you within the silence you felt for that which we are to contribute to you this day.


Ok. Thanks. I could ask a million things that I have been thinking about.


Then why do you not?


Because I have always felt you knew best as to what would be most beneficial to talk about.


There is a little discrepancy for you … in that questions that you are asked to impart to us are not always involving that which we chose to speak of … that of Love.


That’s right. I feel we can get plenty from elsewhere about the political side or matters that are of a heavier discussion. Therefore I shy away from introducing such matters to you.


To which we are appreciative of your thoughtfulness. For it is so, that we wish only to mention that which will enhance your vibration, not that which will lower it. For is that not what we teach? To keep ones thoughts only of Love.


Yes, but also how will we know from you … matters that others discuss and we are unsure of the Truth about?


You won’t. Let us try and assist your thoughts here. We are known to you as The Federation of Light. We are of Light. We do not wish to be of anything else. We do not choose to allow anything other than Light into our vibration. It does not serve us. So why would we do it? Yet it seems that many of you upon earth are unable to grasp this particular concept for yourselves. If you REALLY desire to be only of Light then it is imperative that anything that is of a negative nature must not be allowed to project into your wave length. It is so easy to recognise a lower vibrational energy or thought pattern, for you know by now, by your learnings and your experience that when you ‘feel’ unease, it is of a lower frequency. Set it outside of yourself and send it away IMMEDIATELY. For the more you surround yourself within and without in Higher energies the more you will lift your vibrational level to that which you are trying to accomplish. From where we are now, from the place within our BEING that we are speaking from we have no concerns for ourselves about this. Yet as we , shall we say with respect … lower our frequency in order to communicate with you Blossom we are a little colder … yes that would be a good way to put it. We are more aware of that which those upon your earth plane are undergoing as we allow our frequency to drop to ‘a colder temperature’


So you understand then, what we are dealing with down here? Sometimes it feels that you wake up and someone has filled your shower water with negative thoughts and it requires much discipline to scrub them off!!!


We understand of this demise. We send our strength of Light to ALL that IS your planet in order to rid it of this dis-ease. We can only offer you words of comfort in the knowing that this … in your New World shall no longer be.


And yet the other day whilst White Cloud was speaking he said , and as you have said … that it is US that are to create our New World through our thoughts and so really nothing is set in stone … so how do you know that we will actually make it through to this New World?


Because of the advancement that is taking place of which is plain to see from an energy point of view. If you were to see ...


Which we shall take your word for … and we do … because we can’t …


the difference in Light energy that is with you now compared to just two of your years ago … there would be much rejoicing.


On one level … but on another there is still much that needs sorting out.


Yet you cannot deny that there has been a vast rise in numbers of souls who have now awoken from their slumber and are ’cottoningon’ to what it is all about.


That is for sure.


So in that regard we are most happy. And in the knowing that this SHALL continue … a wellness … a general FEELING that what was set out by The Whole to be accomplished is certainly looking as if it shall be so. Yet we continue on and shall continue to continue on … in ‘drumming’ into you the need to remain on the ‘bright side of life’


We all keep trying to look on it!


We ask you to be even more vigilant about your thoughts. The pressure is on now to fight your way through that which is being impressed upon you to be otherwise.


What are you saying exactly?


We are saying that which you may not fully be able to understand from your position on earth. We are asking you to Trust in what we say to you by feeling your hearts vibrational beat when we say what we are about to say.


As with all things that are fighting for their life, their place of power … there shall be final demands from that which is leaving existence … but as warriors of Light, recognise it as last attempts to foil. That which is to leave its existence is clinging on by a hairs breadth … for it knows in its positioning that it is to be no more. SEND LOVE TO ALL NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. SEND LOVE TO ALL THAT IS TO NOW LEAVE YOUR REALITY THAT DOES NOT SERVE. There is nothing more to be done … than to send Love.

So we ask this of you … make it your everyday companion … to send LOVE out to the darkest of places and the darkest of souls. For these places and these souls are crying out to be heard. To return to that which they once were. Their service is required no longer. They have served their purpose … through Love … and now ask to be understood and redeemed.


Whoa! Hard call for some I would imagine.


For those who do not understand. That is why we ask you to be only of Love. For when you are able to understand that which you cannot now, you will wish that you had sent these souls who have ‘appeared’ to have done such wrong doing … nothing but Love. Sending hate would be of no benefit at all, and yet, you are no longer in kindergarten and you know of these matters.

The darkness is falling. Yet where is it falling to?


Did you not say into the non existence? The nothingness from which it came?


And what is that nothingness dear lady?


Got it … yep … LOVE … For there is only LOVE.


So therefore, by sending the darkness Light and Love, you are transforming it back into its nothingness that it is. You are sending it home.


You know I have to say … it must be pretty cool to be you lot!


You are ‘us lot’ … but in a different expression of us ... that is all.


So you’d think really from our perspective, we must have had a few too many gin and tonics to have wanted to volunteer to come down here and do what has to be done.


Perhaps! Or maybe you were most honoured aspects of Love and there was not a question of what you may have to endure … you knew of it all … yet from the Truth of yourselves when in your fullest Love in the Highest aspect of who you are … you did not hesitate to be where you are now. For you KNEW then as you will KNOW NOW that what you came here to do was of the greatest service.

We tell you … souls of the highest standing ... YOU ARE FAR GREATER THAN EVEN YOUR DREAMS … AT THIS POINT … WILL ALLOW YOU TO KNOW.

We tell you this also … there will be a time, and it is not so very far away when all this misunderstanding from the perspective in which you must see things , will be understood. For your perspective will be shown to you from a new place … a Higher place … a place that you … each one of you … gave much sacrifice of yourself in order to bring yourselves to it. To be reborn into pastures of richness. To feel your feet tread on soil of a different kind. To smell grass of a different scent. To smile with one another with a different look in your eyes, and most of all to LOVE one another without doubt … without fear … without concern of any form … simply FEELING in your very heart and soul the friendship and unity of the ONE soul that you are. Bring that day forth dearest souls … with each breath it draws closer …

We would say this before we close and we would ask you to think upon it …
Do you think that we would bring all this knowledge forth to trick you? Ask your hearts … do you feel Truth within your Being of what we express to you?

It is so .

There would be little point in the time wasting of many of you if this was just a game. Words without base. We say to you in Love that this of which we speak shall come to pass. Your hearts will sing and rejoice when all that you feel is on its way … is finally here


Amen to that! Many thanks my friends. We are all so thankful to you and the Divine Oneness … which is all of us anyway isn’t it? Thanks to it all! Golden Rays!


Please go to the lovely Luisa Vasconcellos's sites for translations or come and visit me at ((hugs)) Kerrie


Original and translations of the Galactic Messages available on



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Thnx Great and Sweet ,Kerrie :):):).
....very nice post by Blossom. I shared it

. .....much love and blessings,precious lady.Namaste.
When I was reading I kept thinking it was all referred to me, it's so personalized! Love, light and positive thoughts for you Kerry and for all.
Thank You dear Kerrie ... I inhale every word they say ... some how I missed the channeling about the 'chair meditation' ... but now I found a Duth translation of the F.O.L. so i wil go there al the way :))) I wil tell you my experience when I did ride my chair :-) , I feel its is one of THE most importance information that is given us from out of Space from our dear family of Love ...

About this message... it did remind me of my youth, when we were children we were free of our ego, well allmost , there was ego but it was of no significance ... because your young spirit did go with the flow ... and the ego was raised when the aspect of obligation came in... It polluted the clean free will of the child ...

In these days the rememberance coming in all the way, the true feeling of letting it all go, is the way we feel when we were a child ... embrace that feeling of your memory, because in these days of you remembering your youth , you did find the beauty in most situations and tiny litle things in times when it went to trouble ... because then you had the ability to change that perspective did it ... right away ... no second thought about it ... remember it my sweet friends ... remember it ... allow yourself to the truth what rest inside yourself :)))

Hugss for You Divine One and ofcourse for our dear Blossom TWO BIG HUGSS for White Cloud and so much LOVE for the F.O.L. xxx

In Lak 'ech ............ I am another You ...........

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