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Now that the tables have turned in the world with the appointment of the first African-American president for the United States of America, it is time we came together as 'one' in this group to focus all our energies on protecting Barack Obama from the influences of the Illuminati.

For the first time in this species' history, we deserve to have someone in power who is on our side, and will do great things to change the world for the better. I believe it to be Obama, even though I am not an American citizen.

Let us combine our light and love, and focus it on Barack Obama and his family, so he may choose the right path which will lead our great planet to a new age of peace and prosperity. So that we may reach new heights, and a new awareness - to be united as 'one' race that will co-exist peacefully for the rest of time.

We have discussed, argued, and debated for too long in here - now it is time we acted on what we set out to do, no-one is coming to save us my brothers and sisters, so there is no point in waiting for a miracle to happen.

We are the ones who will save ourselves, and we need to go out into the world and be the miracle that we all seek.

To a brighter future, where all are one...

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If we could unite in the meditation for peace, surely we could meditate to free Obama of the negative influences, we can do it.

The words can't and impossible do not belong amongst the lightworkers!

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