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We like Nesara: "For those who thought you would be getting paid from another program will be on a list as will every single man woman and child and will receive $10 million."

Mark – For everyone who hadn’t heard that yet….we put out all of the stories on flight 1549 and the importance of that. It was a takeout ordered by Hillary and Cheney and that the reason is that they have tried to stop or delay Nesara and they thought if they could get the bankers, who are Nesara bankers, and working out some of the refined coordination on that, they thought they could delay it. It is in those banks and the KOS is fully functional in terms of having his own people in these organizations. We won’t talk too much about that now because there is still some security involved that we don’t want to breach. It is handled and you do not need to worry. If you have your accounts in those banks, you will be ok and your funds will still be there and they will have good Galactic supervision as how things are handled there.

Moderator – The next question is from New Mexico. Woman from New Mexico – There have been a number of things placed in people to prevent them from recognizing that there is a defect in the top most vertebrae in the atlas. You can go to a web site to get a onetime treatment to straighten out the vertebrae. When you start looking at how many things have been done to keep us down, it gets to be quite interesting. If you can, get the treatment and see how you feel afterwards.

Tara or Mark - The Annunaki were genetically modified so that every baby was everyone needs this one time treatment.

Mark – Thank you, Clare, for bringing that up. The three of us here all had that procedure done. It only takes about 15 minutes. It takes a lot of pressure. It is very professionally applied. You usually have some massage work done to keep it from trying to go back the wrong way. But it is a valid system and that and what Elise was talking about, the disrupter gene, were all designed to prevent us from claiming our powers and abilities. Many of these are either removed or neutralized. There is no panic about this, in fact every single one of these artificial outside interventions, the cure is here and it will be brought forward. And as we have now activated our 13th chakra, we are in a crystalline upgrade system that does not contain these distortions. As we migrate and activate the 13th at all levels, takes a while because you have to integrate as they happen. All will be overridden and dissolved. These things are here and brought forward exactly on time and on schedule to benefit the whole planet. Next question.

Moderator – We have a question from Washington State. Yes, I am Mickey in Lakewood, WA. I didn’t hear the question from the lady before Mark just explained it.

Person - She was telling everyone where they can get work done. Mark can you put a web link out for people?

[, Los Angeles,CA, Dr Ranan Shahari DC, travels to Whole Life Expos in New Mexico, and in other cities.E-Mail: He can tell you when he will be in your area.]

Mark - Yes, I will. In the nontechnical way it is the atlas. What is this process involving? It is the atlas, the procedure has a name[AtlasPROfilax]. What I will do is put this in an email and Steve can post it on GRT. We will mention it again on Thurs. night if necessary.

Moderator - Someone in AZ has a question

This is Jo Lynn. Would you repeat those banks and explain a little more and if we have money in another bank if it is imperative to move to the money to Wells Fargo or Bank of America?

Mark - Listen to what Obama puts out about the 19 banks. He may be revealing something here that hasn’t been made public yet. If you have money in a major bank or a local community bank that is well funded and hasn’t been involved in the subprime mortgages, hedge funds or the sovereignty funds or under water, you are perfectly fine staying with them. We/Ashtar are encouraging people to look in their own community for sound local community banks. The Nesara banks are a different thing. You don’t have to be in a Nesara bank but those are the ones that you will be directed to. There is nothing you need to do. Most people in the United States that have funds in Federal Reserve Notes, those accounts, will be exchangeable one for one. You don’t need to panic and do anything. This has brought us to the place where all of the Nesara arrangements are being done and as soon as the word is given, we’ll be ready to go. There is nothing more iffy about this. It has all been handled by the KOS and all of his excellent experts. Tara-What was really being said was that those 3 banks are designated for those people who got in one of the 78 programs. It matters not which one. The gold certificates for which they are going to receive, and that means you are in one of the 78 Nesara programs. The only programs being paid out are the Nesara programs. All of the 78 programs closed in 1999. That means that any other programs opened after 12/31/1999 are not included in the Nesara payout even though there was some hoax involved in those later programs.

For those who thought you would be getting paid from another program will be on a list as will every single man woman and child and will receive $10 million. If they do not have an account it will be opened in Treasury banking for them; every single person on the planet, except for the ones leaving. There are a large group of people leaving. We are not talking about the cabal. We are talking about a large group of people who have not evolved enough to be able to handle the energies that will subsequently be coming in here. They will not be killed, they will be visited and beamed up on star ships of the Ashtar command and they will be shuttled to another planet where the evolvement of that planet ,[matches] where they have evolved to. They will enter into another society on that planet and they will fit in just fine. They won’t even know they aren’t here anymore.

Amongst the cabal who are serving time will be in prison for whatever time they deserve. Some are light workers who got their hands dirty and are trying to wash them and can’t. They get arrested too and they spend time in prison for their participation. That means light workers as well who have rationalized away their participation or not. It doesn’t have to be in the big programs. It can only be that they are not fit in their consciousness to receive program money. They are guilty of things they are even in denial of. Most will not receive money from someone who did. If they aren’t criminals, they are still here and are still in denial. Those will have no money but will learn to heal and the people who are instructed with the letters with their gold certificates will be instructed not to give money to those people. It has to do with physical, mental, spiritual misconduct whether it is denial or not. That means there will be a healing center and it will be paid for by the people who are blessing them. They will have however much time they need until they are well. Mark – This planet, Gaia, will not tolerate anyone not 5D being born or with her after planetary ascension. They have a limited window in order to show that they are, you might say, fessing up that their behavior has not been in accord with the universal law, principles and what is required. If they take advantage of the free treatment available, then they can join us. If they take advantage but don’t progress, they won’t be. There is no badge that you wear. It is something that your soul chooses or not. You simply will be escorted to the place that fits you exactly. You won’t even notice that you are missing anything. The person removed in that way so lovingly, they won’t even know that it’s happening. The Bible has stories where one is taken and the one beside them remains. We now know that the ship can beam you up at any time.

Tara – anybody recommending that there is going to be a place you will be taken where everything is taken care of is inside the earth, that is coming from the dark side and that includes Sheldon. That means Sheldon himself will be dealt with. We may not know. He will be dealt with accordingly. Anyone putting out disinformation at this time will not be receiving money. They will also be dealing with the level of disinformation they are dealing out. If they are doing it at a high level,

Moderator – We have a question from Florida.

I’m from Tampa, FL. I’ve been listening to these calls since around November. There’s a lot that I have read. What I don’t understand is how do they eliminate the debt and the IRS and get rid of all these different banking institutions. How does this all go away?

Mark – It’s already gone. When the bankruptcy of the USA takes place, you close one book and open another book and the new book will be U.S. Treasury and will be based on gold and precious metals. All of the USA debt and the derivatives, up to $2000 trillions in derivatives that have no value that are in the portfolios, all have to be written off and are based fraudulently on non-assets. It is the Federal Reserve. It is the Corporation USA. That is not the Republic.

We the people are the Republic. We will all be fine and will no longer be burdened by the $11 trillion debt and growing. This is why Obama can make programs and do things that helps people. He knows that one minute it will look like the system is going to hell in a hand basket and down the tubes and that is, in fact, what the international banking corporations, the 13 families, what is happening to them. They are all broke because they based it all on a Ponzi scheme. Nobody will take their false IOU’s any more. They see that these folks are leaving. They don’t want their fiat money. What they want is something substantial that will be worth something when these guys are in jail. To say that it’s been done, I know it’s a bit of a hard sell. Remember we have been in Nesara law since 10/1/2008. That is the power the KOS has with St. Germain and Lady Master Nada. We are just one country but what starts here will spread like a wave across the world. These things have been proven over 5,000 years. That is why St. Germaine went to the Founding Fathers and said “sign this document (the Constitution), which will be the basis for everything that happens in the future.

Tara – $40-zeros worth of gold has been moved from all the places where the dark cabal stashed the gold between the first of October of last year. KOS made Basel II compliance in lieu of the fact that Bush never did it. He was given until his last day to do it, which was 9/30/2008, which means he refused to do it, which is why KOS did it. All of the gold was transferred and was brought to the U.S. and was brought to undisclosed locations to back Rainbow bills that have already been printed and are backed by gold certificates. Every man woman and child is set to receive $10 million which is called Rainbow bills. They call them U.S.Treasury Notes, in terms of the formal name for the notes. When they are enacted as the law,[by Announcement] which is already the Nesara law and has been since the 10th of March in 2000 when Bill Clinton signed off on the law that the congress actually voted into a law on the 9th of March of 2000. Moderator - Minnesota did you get your question?

This is Faith in Minneapolis. I’d like comments from Mark on a symbol shown in a dream about a month ago. It was a Star of David flanked by two dollar signs. It seemed like a Nesara type of symbol. I felt like I got an affirmative back in the dream. I thought it was an interesting piece of geometry.

Mark – The one thing that we can say here is that the Star of David, the interlocking triangles definitely are our aligned and balanced self that will be ascending. This is an essential thing. The dollars on either side; that could be taken either way. St. Germain has so expertly and brilliantly designed it. It is that we, as ascending ones, are graduating and having cleaned up and will have cleaned up the karmic responsibilities eons of time ago even as recently as Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt. We are indeed recapitulating the lessons, the wisdom, the learning and this time, with an open heart, that has wisdom as well.

The wisdom is that it is not in the dollar. It is not in any money. What we have inside of ourselves is the [spiritual] gold; the jewel, beyond price because it is eternal. When you open it properly and in alignment with all that you are, then you automatically upgrade yourself. This isn’t something being done to you. It is you waking up and remembering that it is always within. We got so caught up and forgot and stepped into this and said we would never forget. We did, and now we are remembering, and as we wake up and will solve all of these problems because the answers are already contained in the question.

I’d like to thank everyone who came, shared and is listening because the only purpose of these gatherings are to unify our energies in a more powerful and potent way for the good of each person and any person who reads this information. It is to unify us and to touch that part of us that knows the answer. We already know these answers and truth we do. The particulars will form around that knowing and will come forward. It ‘s a wonderful day to be able to have gotten through this 21 day period and know that we have a whole new chakra system in place and being activated and can only get better and better from here on out. I pass the talking stick.

Moderator – The next conference call will be April 28th. We suggest that you become members of TalkShoe so that I can address your name instead of the state that you are calling from. Have a good night, everyone.

Dear Reader the concern I have with some statements in some updates is the bent towards spiritual arrogance that dictates for others. The Galactic Federation should be scrutinized thoroughly for its percentage of light clarity and intentions. Why? Well humanities divine blue print and free will has and still is being violated day by day month after month. Yet a few think they have the right to judge and threaten to take peoples money away from them for following there free will good intentions of service.Mind you I do not always agree with there focus or truth expression although this is a far cry from violating spiritual law such as the dark who has had there free will allowed way beyond appropriate measures violating the light workers in particular. This gives me pause for concern! I suggest all of humanity take a hard close look and apply discernment with any ET or ACIO involvment with ourselves our communities and countries. THIS IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS GALACTIC SOVEREIGN BEINGS! blessings to all Tami Dickson

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and again it's from
Hello Dear Friend. Who will give every one that money? As watcher I cannot accept that money as we are only meant to volounteer so that is why I am working at a shelter for women. I work for free and they give me food and a room to stay. That is how we have always done our work. Much love to you.
Ok Read the all text and you see that there is a huge amount of gold gathered. And be a bit familier with the Great Divine Plan I mentioned you before, the point is that we are going into the 5th dimension soon. The whole Earth. It is not a queszio, it is a fact. It means everything will be happiness, noone will live in poverty. You should not belive this, but soon you will se and hear guge things announced in the TV. The world's economy will change suddenly and very greatly, just watch the news.

LilBunnyFufu said:
Hello Dear Friend. Who will give every one that money? As watcher I cannot accept that money as we are only meant to volounteer so that is why I am working at a shelter for women. I work for free and they give me food and a room to stay. That is how we have always done our work. Much love to you.
I type quickly sorry for mistakes, i'll try slower. :)

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