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... we ask you to 'bottle it'. ~THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~ 31st MARCH 2011

... we ask you to 'bottle it'. ~THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~

31ST MARCH 2011

Me again! I know we spoke only the other day, yet you probably 'know' I am going away for a couple of weeks, so I would LOVE it if we were able to have a chat before I go?

This is most suitable for us as it is for yourself and indeed many. We have been considering that which would be of benefit and that which will allow the growth of the soul to quicken through giving of our knowledge.

Well, really, you have given us so much to 'chew on'. I know many of us are really beginning to understand the significance of all that you have been saying and more importantly why you have been saying it. On the subject of Love I cannot imagine there is more that can be said. Only reiteration really.

And we would contradict that statement. For although we have given you much food for thought and therefore food for your soul, as you progress, grow, evolve and understand more of pure LOVE ... then it is only natural that there is more that can be offered to you on the matter. For instance ... is it not that often as you are 'getting it' ... getting to understand the FEELING of this Higher LOVE that you simply find words to be irrelevant? Is it not that you are able to contain this FEELING even though it FEELS as if you are sometimes bursting at the seams with it?

Yes, but I just try to then imagine it going 'out' into the world.

We accept this and yet we would perhaps like to suggest to you another way.

By all means.

When your heart is in that KNOWING ... when your mind has latched onto that FEELING and recognizes it on a more frequent basis as it is doing ... we ask you to 'bottle it'.
By bottling it we mean something different from your original understanding of this. It is a matter of containing it for a certain amount of time within you. To 'hold on to it' for a time and yet be fully aware that you are doing so. This is to be firstly practiced within a meditation state of mind. To imagine this Higher LOVE within you and to watch it literally overtake you. So that you find yourself in the ultimate FEELING of it. Your mind cannot be detracted by it, because you are engrossed 'in it'. You have become it and it has become you. It is for you to ascertain a particular level that is reachable from a 'minds' point of view and once the soul recognizes this position ... to imagine as if perhaps a button is pressed which 'sends you off'. Yet you are elsewhere in 'nowhere' ... yet perfectly aware of THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE. It is important at this stage to be of 'no mind' on one level and yet of 'full mind' on another. The two levels are indeed separate ... they need to be ... yet they blend perfectly in their separateness. When this is taking place for you ... one will know exactly that of which we speak and recognize it as 'a point'. We then ask you to 'bottle it'. Imagine pouring it into a vessel and storing it within that 'sacred space'.

And I feel you then want us to repeat this exercise when ever we can ?

This is so. If it applies ... for concentration ... one can number these bottles that are stored. This is not what you would term as an exercise. It is far more complex than that. It serves a much greater purpose. We ask you to continue to do this as and when it is possible.

I can FEEL too what you want us to do further down the track. Are you wanting to speak of that now?

It is more important that one concentrates on 'this stage'. Yet we have in mind the next stage which we certainly will speak of when it is time ... for it shall be of great service to your planet,

One thing i am concerned about though is ... if we are 'bottling it ' instead of sending it out , will our planet not suffer even more? It is in such need of our Love and Light at this time,

To which we would ask you to send out your LOVE on a continual basis. As if a constant flow of LOVE is coming down from above, through you and out to the world. As if this movement becomes as natural as breathing. The 'bottled LOVE' is ... shall we say ... ripening ... maturing ... awaiting it's moment. It shall be of a certain caliber by the time we ask you to apply it in a certain manner. As for 'when' this shall be, we ask you not to concern yourself upon. At this time it is for you ... if you desire ... to simply take the time to contain it within your own sacred space. This sacred space can be 'anywhere' you chose. All you need to do is to go there when necessary. We ask that one does not become concerned as to whether or not they are 'having the same experience' as another. For each shall find their own position with this offering ... and by allowing it to unfold in it's individual way will be of much service.

Well. thank you . I am sure many of us will set about it straight away. I have a feeling that it will be quite a while before further instructions are given about this.

Not necessarily . We may 'add to' now and then before the finale.

Anything else you would wish to speak of?

Whilst we are able ... indeed. It will be of much benefit also for one to spend time in pleasure. Finding sources of activity that bring the soul great upliftment. In this way you are 'charging' the atmosphere with the good vibrations . And it is easy to see that your planet is in great need of such things. Fuel your atmosphere with Laughter. Be of Light. If you find yourselves unable to 'take action ' now and then ... then go to places in your mind and take those places on a journey to your heart where they can be FELT. Recall past experiences that brought delight to the soul. Rekindle times that gave joy and fill your being with the FEELING.
We have spoken much about moving into a language of FEELING and how it shall replace words. One only needs to look into another's eyes that are of Truth and so much is said without one word being spoken. The heart can speak a thousand words in the silence of a glance. Come to know your heart in a new way. Become best friends with your heart. For many have locked it away for fear of further damage ... for protection ... for reasons that they considered worthy of doing so. Nothing dearest ones more damaging to the heart than shutting it away ... shutting it out. Your heart is your keeper of your Truth. So many have hidden behind walls in order to brace themselves from the elements of emotions. Does one think the heart is not capable of defending itself?
Your heart ...oh dearest friends of ours ... is your rock. It has been underestimated a million fold. Your heart is YOU. It is your essence. It is your heart that tells you EVERYTHING that is Truth. It monitors your situations and circumstances. It NEVER lets you down.
Some may experience what you call 'a broken heart' and yet it cannot be broken. It can FEEL the deepest of pain and the deepest of joys. It can tell you who to trust and who to avoid. It is there to guide you on your journey. We ask you in these days of such opposites to know your heart in a deeper way. To understand your heart in a way that you have not yet done ... for in doing so ... you get to know yourself. Communicate with it as you would a friend. Nurture it as you would a child. As your hearts grow in love , so too must everything else. As they reach out and connect with one another ... the recognition of Oneness is is made.
These future days are to be different from that which one has known. The way one conducts themselves is the way in which changes are to occur and one shall find that they conduct themselves in a new manner . A manner in which they had not before contemplated and yet it shall be of a service that enhances.

I FEEL we are coming to a close?

Yet we would care to add one more thing to ask of you ? To make sure you give yourselves a pat on the back. To make sure that you TRULY recognize ... with those very precious hearts of yours ... the tremendous upliftment you are giving to the planet. Indeed you are experiencing some troubled times upon it ... in many aspects ... yet you are more than capable of seeing through what you came here to do. To lift it into it's Higher vibration ... and you are doing this with great aplomb!

And we shall continue to do so. Thank you for this conversation .... I shall now go and fill my first bottle!! In Love and Light as always my friends.

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Thank You beautiful message, live from the heart, let your heart be your guide, this is certainly a very important awereness in our growth towards Oneness... and they couldn't have said it any better... WOW ...

Being without connection to the internet I being thrown back to be more with myself  and so I connect more and more from the Heart mmmm  ... Yeah even the question came up ... why I am here, what is my purpose... ''To lift it into a higher vibration'' is the answer... THANK YOU KERRIE BLOSSOM F.O.L. I LOVE YOU ALL XXX

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