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'we are on the cusp of this massive Transition' ~ by Montague Keen - 22 January 2012

As your oppressors seek new ways to keep you under control, remember this: the simple-minded will believe anything placed before them but the wise look well into everything before accepting it. As people awaken, fewer can be conned into accepting without question all that governments demand. A beautiful New Dawn is approaching, bringing with it truth and light, removing all the confusion of the past. Our plans are taking shape as we proceed with confidence towards our goal. All that you had accepted as truth must be discarded. When the real truth is placed before you, it will be a time of rejoicing and celebrating, as all restrictions are removed and the human race comes together as One. The energy that has been shut off from you will flow freely. Everything on Earth will be re-energised. The sun in all its glory will enter the minds and spirits of all and peace will reign. You have waited a long time for this. It has taken longer than anticipated but we are on the cusp of this massive Transition.

I am delighted that so many of you are enjoying researching ancient Ireland. You are flabbergasted at what you are finding. You ask how could so much have been kept hidden for so long? How could a nation be kept in ignorance of its great past? You learn that because of what was done to Ireland, the whole history of your world was changed and the world suffered as a consequence. Yes, it is difficult to take on board the evil plans that were put in place in Ireland that went on to systematically take over and destroy your world and its people.

This must stop. So many of you remain in the robotic, hypnotic state; your minds and bodies poisoned to keep you under control. Those of you who think for yourselves are looked on as difficult, and so efforts are made to force you to conform. It is because so many of you conform that your world is in the state it is in, with wars accepted as necessary and banks ruling the masses. They are destroying so much. Man was never meant to live like this.

Embrace the changes that we are putting in place as we continue to awaken mankind so that we can restore peace and freedom. Those who have no right or any good intentions towards mankind will be removed from the planet, never to return. Your future is bright and full of promise. Everything is falling into place nicely. When you return to the fold, all is open to you and above board, and those who have lived off your energy are gone. Life will be so different.

The Centres we have planned will take shape. They will become active. Our two worlds will come together as never before. We will supply Natural Medicine that will restore health, no matter what was diagnosed. You will drink pure unadulterated water. You will have food that is not contaminated in any way.

So much has been done to you to dumb you down and make you compliant — slaves to their will. Very few have escaped completely. Everything will return to its rightful place. Nothing will be hidden. There are some, whose deeds have been so dastardly, that they will go to any length to prevent the truth from coming out. The vast riches they have accumulated at your expense will not save them. Their lives are totally driven by GREED, with no thought for the lives they have exploited and ruined. As we proceed, they will find it difficult to hold their shape. They will become more obvious.

All the sacred sites around the world will be re-energised. This will be amazing to observe and experience. The planet will come alive once more. The world as you know it will end; all the suffering over, all control gone. Light and peace will return to all mankind.

Some of you are aware that your bodies are going through major reconstruction in preparation for full consciousness. Tiredness sometimes accompanies this. It is temporary, so worry not. Mind-to-mind communication will be possible. The mind is capable of so much; learning to use it will be an enjoyable experience. Astral travel will be possible for the adventurous among you. How exciting is that !

Veronica, you know that everything is being put in place. You were shown evidence of this. Those with a role to play will be summoned to come forward. We decide everything. You just follow our instructions. We see the full picture. Only those who are up to the challenge will be used. When we look on someone, we see everything about that person: the intentions deep within them as well as what they profess as their intentions. Nothing escapes us, we cannot be fooled. There are some who crave recognition and so can become a liability. We cannot have that. We need rock-solid people to whom the bigger picture is important also. You and I have learned the hard way who we can trust.

Life is so busy for you on all levels but you must admit, it is exciting also. Your friends wanted to talk with me again. It was an enjoyable experience. One we will repeat soon. Try not to do too much, my dear. Your adoring husband, Monty.



Last week, there was some confusion as to whom Monty was referring, and some thought it might be them. I want to make it quite clear that the people whom Monty referred to, as being disruptive, dishonourable and disgraceful, were G.S. in Arizona and T.R. in Scotland. They tried in vain to destroy our work. They even used others to do their dirty work for them. Monty wanted to point out that it had not gone unnoticed. One day, they may understand that their massive egos tried to prevent the Transition.



Below Montague’s Message for Sunday, 5th June 2011

As ancient prophesies are being fulfilled, there is a greater understanding of who you really are, and the real reason why planet Earth became a prison and all truth was hidden from you. In fact, everything that is taught is an exact reversal of the truth. As children, you were told you would go up to Heaven: that it was 'up there' beyond the sky. Now you know this is not so. Heaven, as you call it, is Inner Earth. This, my dear, is where I am. People have been very carefully steered away from looking at this truth. Again, I say, nothing is as it seems!

Look to David Icke and Michael Tsarion, who like yourself, have researched ancient history before it was tampered with and re-written by those who made slaves of you.

They came for your gold, then decided to take over. They set up a system that cleverly hid who they are and their reasons for staying on Planet Earth. They control your lives completely: what you think, read, study, and what you purchase with your hard-earned cash. They smile as they do this; it is amusing to them how compliant mankind is. Everyone is willing to be led like sheep. No-one questions or complains, as each new draconian law or restriction is brought in, or another war is begun as an excuse to fight. They happily create fuel shortages, or (at the moment) food shortages also; and still no-one complains. The silent majority just put up with it. You ask yourself, how can 'so-called' intelligent people, just accept all that is being done to them, without question. They need to wake up to the fact that they are being kept in a permanent hypnotic state. Is this what you want to condemn your children to? You are being given a choice. You are at a fork in the road and time is running out. There are so many on this side of life who are also trying to wake people up. Each is doing it in his own way.

You have had it confirmed that I will return. I will not come alone. We come to assist you in this great moment of Transition. I was touched, my dear, when you asked if I would look exactly as I was, when I left your world. Well, the answer is, yes. I will return to you. There are one or two people that I intend to visit, to establish exactly why they chose the course of action that they did: why they went against my wishes and exact instructions. Reparation will be made. In the greater scheme of things, I, along with my fellow compatriots from this side of life, will help restore Planet Earth, and remove the prison bars that hold you in darkness. This is a war you are living through. The Cabal desperately wants to keep you asleep and under control. We in the Light, want to restore full consciousness, so that you will have freedom of thought and action. Freedom to know just who you are.

You were taught, my dear, that St Patrick banished all the SNAKES from Ireland. THERE WERE NO SNAKES IN IRELAND !  It was the DRUIDS: the great teachers and medicine men of their day, who used the snake as do the medical profession today. The Druids were banished so that a false doctrine could be implanted. You have only to look at the connection between Ireland and Egypt to understand what has been hidden from you. Research it for yourselves, we just point you in the right direction. You have a lot to lose if you do not take this opportunity, as time is running out.

We drew to your attention also, that there are, in fact, 13 signs of the Zodiac. The 13th was kept from you, to confuse you. The stars play an important role in the lives of Man. The 13th is OPHIUCHUS: November 30th to December 17th.


  1  ARIES  April 19 to May 13   2  TAURUS May 14 to June 19   3 GEMINI  June 20 to July 20   4  CANCER  July 21 to August 9   5  LEO  August 10 to September 15   6  VIRGO  September 16 to October 30   7 LIBRA October 31 to November 22   8  SCORPIO  November 23 to November 29   9  OPHIUCHUS  November 30 to December 17 10 SAGITTARIUS  December 18 to January 18 11  CAPRICORN  January 19 to February 15 12  AQUARIUS  February 16 to March 11 13  PISCES March 12 to April 18

You will find that OPHIUCHUS is directly over NEW GRANGE in Ireland. Rome, and the City of London, are in direct alignment with New Grange. Now ask yourselves, why has this been hidden from you? The evil minds who rule your planet did not leave anything to chance. They ensured that for hundreds of years you would be completely under their control, even grateful to them for allowing you to exist on your own planet.

Once you see the misinformation for yourselves, I assure you that you will wake up and ask yourselves, how could you have been so blind to it. Look to the ancients. They had a great understanding of how your planet operates. The Druids will return to reclaim what was theirs. Remember, when you first met David Icke, he told you that it was from WEST TO EAST.

YOU WERE SURPRISED. You researched it for yourself with my help. Now you know that David was right. It certainly was WEST TO EAST. The exact opposite of what you have all been taught. This was all done to hide the truth. This is the time for TRUTH to be revealed and faced. Yes, my dear, it is stranger than fiction. The truth will set you free. The answers to so many of the questions lie in Ireland. This is why it has been kept down for so long. Ireland will take her rightful place in history once more. Truth cannot be kept hidden forever. Be sure your sins will find you out, eventually. Many have packed their cases already, so that when the crunch comes, they can try to depart your planet in disgrace. You are many, they are few. Money does not buy salvation.

Within a year, many of the changes will be complete. Peace and harmony will be restored. It is going to be difficult, but so worthwhile. We watch over you. Ask for help, when needed. Concentrate on LOVE. The Dark Cabal cannot exist in Love: it destroys their power. Love is your greatest weapon.

We send love and our gratitude for all your assistance in carrying out God's work on Earth. Rest, my dear, you have been asked to rest so that you are prepared for my return. I am your adoring Monty.

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Interesting stuff..I will obsorb it with a open mind.Thanks CRISTINA.... .. 

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