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Oh, there is so much talk of ascension and dying.

And many, if not all, wonder what is going to happen to us in the near future. For this is what we are waiting for, the near future!

In simple words, we as well as Earth are going to transform, ok. By transforming, we will be in a better shape for the new dimension.

For Earth to be able to live i a higher vibration, she has got to transform, and so do we, ok.

When this "near future" is? Very near ; )

When we go into the new dimension it means that something completely new will enter our world.

We are (and have been for some time) being prepared for this big change, through changes in our chakras, in our meridians and flows,such as the acupuncture points,electromagnetic changes and aura changes.

The aura changes give a push to the change in the blood, which in turn will affect the change of the cells; when that happens, our appearence changes. First the skin acts strange, then it becomes softer and smoother, so that things can change under the surface of the skin.

We will be rebuilt, but not according to our wishes, dreams or visions but to be able to fit in with our frequencies and our bodiesin the new dimension.

When we finally get to the "New Earth" we will have the big choices such as our age, height, gender, colours, and so on.

Most of what we have today will fall away when the Earth goes up to the new dimension!

All blended materials have no possobility to exist on the New Earth. So if your favorite thing is made of plastic or something synthetic, sorry, it will have to go. If you like gold and precious stones, these might change colours or density and it might not always be what you´d have liked.

Some things, though, from our world will remain the same on the New Earth. And the understanding of the loss of the other things will be exceeded by all the new stuff. The E.T´s say the New Earth will have a safe imprint on the world we know, until we can live without it.

This means landmarks, monuments, etc. that we know and that will help us navigate in the everyday life. They will remain until we find new ones to go by.

So the Egyptian pyramids might come with us and, after a while, fall apart to give room for new ones or different things. For people who missed the experience of the pyamids, they will still be in another time dimension, where they might stand in theirprime of existance and where the experience will be genuine. Not through timetravels but, for example, bent time dimensions.

When we finally are on the New Earth, we will all build up our new lives, jobs, relationships, families, homes, etc. The first step is adaption and then the old remains fairly intact.

But then houses and cities will fall apart quickly to give room for other things and buildings that have a more compatible frequency.

You may thing that this could be very frightening, especially for a small, fragile, single woman. But that is when the new dimension comes in handy and the possibilities are flourishing. It will of course, mean work, but the lighter and more finely tuned the dimension, the more fun it will be.

One of the true things in the new dimension where we are going is; A smaller amount of work will pay off more than here ; )))))

The most important thing with all of this is; We are not going to die but we will live, in LOVE!

Much Love and Light in Joy to you my sisters and brothers.

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does this also mean we will have to leave are musical instruments, and things that help make us creative??
Who knows, maybe you actually are making music in the other dimension as well. But with different instruments. There are ways to protect certain things that are special to us, those are; call on E.T´s, angels or lightbeings for help, take them to the other dimension before, and they´ll avoid falling apart, or you could learn how to change the frequency of things that you want to bring with you (see NET-course 3).

Canadian~-~ said:
does this also mean we will have to leave are musical instruments, and things that help make us creative??
Sure you can Steve ;)

I´m sure you´re gonna have lots of "nice" things to spend you precious time with around then.

Rebel Saint said: am I going to live without Coffee? video games? comics? Movies? *cries*
I can't be a Geek in 5D!

I love Metallica :)))

Though, I dont resonate with all of their lyrics ;)

Ian = Shark said:
A song for you all:

Love love

hahahah, sorry :) fixed.

Rebel Saint said:
lol, I noticed the spelling mistake.

Trudy said:
please refrain your lines because my english is lame but what i read is not the right headline ...
okay that is settled dear Betina..
Let us all understand, we will all die at one time, but till that time we will reach all together for the main goal, make a better world.
Grow in your expection for achieving and please go with the flow, there is no other way than that.
And when you reached for the most important awereness ... stay in that and believe your soul will live for ever...
Namaste dear Betina
ok, repost this on 22/12/2012 :)
Hahahaha, I wont need to hun.

Andy (UK) said:
ok, repost this on 22/12/2012 :)
Oh, thank you besimi ;)

I Love you.

besimi said:
Betina sweet lovely lady:):):) I really loved your post. You keep on shining Hi ,you are a lovely Light.
I can't wait to see my new me, lol...
I wan to be blue skin hahaha....
Thank you for the post Betina
hahah hey guys, i just woke up an hour ago and i was dreaming of making music with a bunch of other guys. LOL thats making music in the 4th dimension, you could make the sounds whatever you want them to be. weee!

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